XNSPY Review – The Most Advanced Parental Control App

Xnspy is one of the market leaders in the domain of spying nowadays. It provides solutions that address the needs of parents and employers, more specifically. The app allows tracking and monitoring each and every bit of communication taking place on the target device. The target device can be a cell phone or laptop/computer that can be extensively monitored for all the communication taking place on the target device. Let’s have a complete review of the Xnspy phone monitoring application.

Xnspy Review – Parental Control App?

The reason to choose Xnspy is that it takes up all the dynamics and dimensions of spying on the target individuals using their target device; it comprehensively provides insights into the real-time happenings and whereabouts of the target individuals and serves the best by all means.

How to Use the Xnspy App?

The app is quite user-friendly as compared to other spying services. The pro tip is to just follow the instructions after the purchase of the subscription, and the end-user will be having full control over the target device.

The primarily significant instruction is to get physical access to the target phone, and do not forget to ‘uncheck’ reauthorization and show notification checkboxes.

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Xnspy – Salient Features Review

The app furnishes a bunch of features that address all the spying needs of the parents and employers; we will try to cover the most important of them.

Tracking the Location of the Target User (Android & iPhone)

The real-time location of the target user can be retrieved instantly using the Xnspy app. This can be done for cell phones and laptops/computers. The feature is of prime-time importance when it comes to the safety and security of the child.

If a child is not getting connected with the parent, the parent, using the web portal of the app can identify the location of the child if the child is safe or not. The same is the case for the employee; if an employee has lost contact with acquaintances, he/she may be tracked using the said feature.

Geo-fencing the Movement of Child or Employee (Android)

The Xnspy has earned the first-mover advantage in furnishing this feature. The feature was first introduced by the spy app. The feature enables the end-user to allocate allowed and forbidden zones that a target user can visit during the course of its movement.

The app generates a log of all the locations visited, and upon any breach of the prescribed code of movement, the app notifies the end-user through email.

The feature assists in protecting the business interest as if a location is perceived as unsuitable for an employee to visit, the employer can add the location to the restricted zone for the employee.

 Monitoring Internal Storage (Android)

The entire internal storage of the target device gets in full control of the parent or employer. The end-user, at any point of time, can stalk through all the SMS, images, videos, calendars, appointments, contacts, and other data.

This earns an extensive hand into knowing all the whereabouts of the target user, and the pattern of communication can be identified if it is in line with the pre-set family and corporate standards.

Extensive Monitoring of Phone Calls (Mobile & iPhone)

The phone calls that are made or received using the target phone can be listened to by the end-user in real-time. The calls can be monitored to know if there is anything that can damage the company’s interests.

Likewise, the parent can listen to the phone calls so that the communication may adhere to the prescribed standards and remain within the ethical and moral limits.

These calls can be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for later reference.

Tracking Browsing History and Website Blocking

The browsing history of the cellphone or laptop can be viewed by the end-user at any point of time. This provides a closer look into the screen time of the child, that what the child is actually used to do while using the internet.

The website blocking feature of Xnspy allows blocking specific websites that are considered as unproductive or unsuitable for the target users.

The parent can block websites that contain inappropriate or sub-standard content that can be morally challenging and damaging for the child. On the other side, the employer can restrict the employee to visit specific websites that are considered as unproductive for the business; for example, some employees spend most of the working hours while surfing the internet and streaming music, so this can be coped with using the website blocking feature.

Using Keylogger for Identifying Password

The password of all the installed apps can be identified using the spy app. The app’s keylogger feature can be used to identify the password of the apps that are installed on the target device; this can be done for all the social networking apps installed on the target device.

Tracking All the Social Networking Apps (Android)

Whatsapp, Line, Viber, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and all other social networking platforms can be extensively monitored using the Xnspy. All the group and individual chats can be extensively monitored for all the communication.

The shared multimedia, voice notes can be stalked. The VoIP and video calls of the app can be listened to in real-time.

Xnspy Device Compatibility Review

The Xnspy can be installed on Android and iPhones. It is compatible to be used for Windows and Mac operating systems also. The app supports all the current versions of Android OS and iOS at large.

Xnspy – Pricing Review

Xnspy Basic Price

$29.99/month, $41.99/quarter, $59.99/annum

Xnspy Premium Price

 $35.99/month, $59.99/quarter, $89.99/annum

xnspy pricing

Xnspy – Pros & Cons


All the pros of the spy app are discussed in detail; the app furnishes unmatched and unparalleled service to its user. Moreover, the app provides money-back guarantee to its users if not satisfied with the service.


  • The app does not allow a trial version offer to the new users.
  • The app does not furnish money back guarantee.
  • After OS update, a few features remain unavailable for some time until they are aligned with OS update.


A comprehensive review of the Xnspy app is conducted, and it is found that the app serves all the spying needs of the parents and employers by all means. The kids and employees can be extensively tracked for each and every bit of communication, which adds to protecting family and business interests.

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