WWE 2K18 Deserves to Be a Great Game, But a Few Upgrades are in Order

WWE 2018 Deserves to Be a Great Game, But a Few Upgrades are in Order

Fans are definitely not willing to keep quiet about the raging rumors regarding the upcoming WWE 2K installment. The series came into being for the first time way back in 2000. Since then, the franchise’s long journey has been one fraught with ups and downs, but overall, it has been one of the most profitable series of all time. There are so many reasons why we are looking forward to WWE 2K18 in 2017, but we also know that the developers have a lot of issues to address.

Last year’s game, WWE 2K17, was made brilliant by the creators’ joint efforts to bring the video games closer to the actual entertainment in feel. It was more dramatic and larger than life than ever, and the ability to take some of the brawls outside the ring like in the shows we watch was amazing. But as always, we couldn’t help but feel that there was a lot of room for improvement, especially now that there have been so many advancements in the world of gaming technology.

In truth, despite the new features that WWE 2K17 came with, the game suffered mainly because of the backdated engine. That along with the filing of a number of new features to please fans was not faced with happy consequences. The loading screens suffered an awful amount of lags, the gameplay felt glitchy repeatedly, and the animation looked watery despite the increased attention to detail. But the beauty of this particular series is that even though the games might suffer a few setbacks, there is always a chance to make them better with a fresh new installment. And because WWE 2K17 could have been a great game had it not been made weak by the aging technology, there is the chance that WWE 2k18 will truly hit it out of the ballpark. Here are three things we would like to see in the upcoming game.

WWE 2K18 Wishlist

An Updated Engine: Most fan-made wishlists for WWE 2K18 begin and end with this particular point, and whatever we have said above must suffice as the reason for wanting this so badly. For this year’s entry, we don’t really mind if the creators decide to go easy on the new features additions to focus on the backbone of the game instead. We absolutely know that this is necessary. Besides, it would also give a much-needed boost to the graphical aspects of the game.

Dynamic Fights: We loved the newly implemented Rollout mechanism in WWE 2K17 and the ability to take the brawl outside of the ring. But if 2K really decides to take things up a notch with WWE 2K18, then this idea could be further expanded with the new game. Imagine playing a game where you can take a fight anywhere, use any props available near your hands against your opponent, and basically do anything that the real wrestlers are capable of doing. We understand that all this may not be achievable with this year’s game itself, but we hope to see some advancements in the area.

User-created Storylines: How cool would it be if we could just have access to some of the excellent ideas that our fellow fans come up with? WWE matches are all about the dramatic flair and a story to match, be it of rivalry or friendship. So for hardcore fans who really know what to do, it would be great if they could upload those to the database for us to enjoy, thus making the experience a much more involved one.

Wrap Up

The WWE 2K18 game will undoubtedly be awesome. But as we have already said, 2K has to address the basics as well. The fact remains that the games have huge potential to be explored, and we hope that the creators will take care of the basic problems when the game releases later this year.