Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: The Ultimate Guide

Microsoft has recently rolled out another Update to Windows 10 which is given an unexpected name “Spring Creators Update“. The developers have added a bundle of new features and improvements to its latest update. The update has been released in April 2018 – a couple of days later than the anticipated launch.

The Windows 10 Spring Creators Update user can get their hands on enthralling enhancements, the top of which is Timeline. It enables the users to jump back to the task they were doing on their devices previously. The Linux support and command line tools are also upgraded. Read on to know what perks Windows 10 Spring Creators Update offers to its users.

New Features in Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

Whether you are a developer, IT admin or consumer, the updated version of Windows 10 holds something new for you. We have rounded up here the windows top new features of the operating system to take you to a ride of Spring Creators Update.


The Task View of Windows 10 has been modified to enable the users to jump from one task to another. It shows the history of websites, applications and document files the user has had open. It enables them to get back to their work from where they left. For instance, if you were creating a document on Microsoft Word before downloading a supported file from Chrome, the Task View will help you move from the one program to another. Moreover, you can get back to your past activities on other computers, Android or Apple phones if these devices are linked to the same Microsoft account.

Nearby Sharing

Windows’ newly launched nearby sharing feature makes it more simple to exchange files and URLs from one computer device to another via Bluetooth. The user can find the nearby sharing option in supported apps including photos, file explorer, and Microsoft Edge among others. Also, the new version of Windows 10 comes with efficient device pairing. The supported devices automatically generate a notification asking your consent to pair your system with a device.

Fluent Design

The Fluent Design System has been used widely throughout the Spring Creators update of  Windows 10 keeping the feel and look of Windows 10 quite same. The interface and apps have got lights, motion, depth and enhanced quality of physical substances.

More Privacy

Microsoft has put a major step in addressing the privacy issues of users with Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer. The viewer shows you the data collected from your system and transmitted to Microsoft through Universal Telemetry Client. This data relates to the device connectivity and configuration, internet browsing history, apps and services used, handwritten, typed and voice input. Moreover, the Setting app contains a few additions to the Privacy section giving the user information about the apps using your device’s webcam and accessing your documents, photos, videos, audios and other files.

More Focused Notifications

The Focus Assist of Windows 10 Spring Creators Update gives more control over notifications. It allows you to mute the Windows 10 notifications in specific hours. There are three priority modes of Focus Assist to let you prioritize your notifications.

Enhanced Microsoft Store

The Windows 10 Spring Creators Update welcome Progressive Web Apps to Microsoft Store. The progressive web applications are basically web apps that act like native apps. These software and apps send notifications; can work without the internet connection and are available to be installed on personal computers. These web apps are usually supported by major web browsers such as Google Chrome making it convenient for the developer to develop PWAs. One of the Progressive web apps to take a spot in Microsoft Store is from Twitter.

Improved Microsoft Edge

Though Microsoft’s Edge is far behind in the race to overwhelm Chrome, the browser is gradually getting better. The Spring Creators Update has added more features to Edge including support for extensions in private mode, ability to mute tabs, autofill web forms, and ability to pin books to Start menu. It also has a revamped menu that shows downloads, bookmarks, eBooks, and history.

Moreover, there are countless new features and improvements in the new version of Windows 10 including the Windows Defender Application Guard to rescue businesses from online threats and Windows Subsystem for Linux. It is pertinent to mention that the Spring Creators Update does not need any specific changes in the systems running Windows 10 to get the upgraded version.

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