Common Windows 10 Problems

10 Most Common Windows 10 Problems and their Reasons

The modern computer machines that are running with the latest Windows 10 are quite in the users worldwide.  It has got positive feedback over the years from the users. It has come up with the plenty of the latest features that make your computer using the experience to the next level.

It can start with Menu, Cortana, latest media players, Microsoft Edge, notification bar and others. On the other hand, users are facing the number of issues while operating with windows 10. Let’s take a look at the following.

The Most Common Windows 10 Issues

Window 10 pop-ups of activation having Free upgrade

The frequent users of Windows 10 have their views that while the installation of the window, it usually asks for the activation. On the other hand, it is impossible for the users to activate the windows 10, it actually demands the product activation key and also the windows 10 free upgrade doesn’t provide users any kind of activation key.

Windows 10 captured 15-20 GB Extra Space

It is very common after the installation of the window user come to know that around 15-20 GB space free space doesn’t exist. It happens because it has given the authority to the window to restore the old version of windows OS. It is not an issue, but for those having low space.

Windows 10 don’t all of Your Favorite Games

The users that have interest in playing games on the computers running with the windows 10 often face the issues that it doesn’t run all of your favorite games. There are many of your games that cannot be installed on it and the ones that can be installed often runs with errors. Mostly, the mouse on your computer creates issues and it doesn’t work while you are playing the game.

Windows 10 Issues in TouchPad

It is one of the most common issues a user may face while up gradation of window Touchpad usually creates several issues for the users. A user can solve these types of issues by un-install and re-install the drivers, and by adjusting the windows 10 touchpad settings and last but not the least, it can be fixed with the re-installation of the window.

Windows 10 Slow Internet Speed

Obviously, if someone is using a windows computer machine running with the windows 10 and the user cannot a proper internet speed that would be a major headache for the user. On the other hand, if a user is not aware of the fact that, it is because of the operating system, a user may put the blame on the internet service provider. So, a user needs to keep in mind that it is because of the windows 10 that is running on the device.

Windows 10 screen flashing & flickering

The users that updated the Windows 10 on their machines that usually a phenomenon that is known as flashing on their laptop or desktop machine’s screen, and they are unable to open any kind of program on their system at that point of time. A user can fix it by doing open task manager, and clicking file> Run new task and then type “msconfig” without quotes and pressing enter and then press services tab and get two services. A user will get Problem Reports and Solutions Control panel and also the “Windows Error Reporting Services”. If a user gets a message to restart the device, then do it.

Windows 10 Wi-Fi Speed issue

A user may also found low-speed Wi-Fi error while using the windows 10 on the system. They can resolve the issue by checking the network, adopter and always make sure that you have the contemporary adopter. On the other hand, download it on another machine and then do the installation USB flash drive.

Windows 10 ask administrator to make admin account

It is very interesting issue a user can face while using the windows 10, it usually asks the administrator to make the admin account. A user can solve the issue by pressing the windows key +r to open run command. Further, a user has to type net plz to open the user account. Now you have the user account and select a user and then also select the Microsoft account. It is the time to click on remove, apply and make a click on ok.

Windows is difficult to open it in safe mode

The windows 10 often provide the difficulties to the user to open it in safe mode. A user can resolve the issue by entering the keyPress CTRL+ ALT+ DEL. Now user can see power icon on the bottom right side of the screen. Now make a click on it and a user will get the options click to restart. Do it!

I can’t fix issue on windows 10

If a user is not able to resolve all the issues, then a user has two ways to resolve the issue:

  • Use windows repair tool for windows 10
  • Re-install the windows 10 on their particular computer machine.