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Wildfire Application- The Prime Notification App

There are a lot of social apps and tech sites in the world today. It is also becoming hard to keep notes and track them.

Apart from professionals, students and other ordinary people want an app that gives them notifications of incidents nearby and something they can count on.

That information should be real-time information too. That app is none other than Wildfire.

Who Created the App and When Was it Created?

The wildfire was created in 2015 by four graduates of the University of California – Berkeley, namely: Hriday Kemburu (The Founder and CEO), Vinay Ramesh (Business Lead), Jay Patel, and Tim Hyon (Technology Leads).

Friday Kemburu was nearly mugged outside of the library of the University of California – Berkeley. Two men wearing ski masks had surprised and he escaped the area unharmed. Kemburu later informed the campus police who acted accordingly.

He had later posted about it on Facebook, but he desired his post to reach each and every student of the University (especially those that were outside his social circle). The post did get the needed views but then again it did not reach everyone.

He had also posted on various student groups which then gave him the desired response. He was somehow still skeptical. He then decided that social networks and forums online were not sufficient enough.

Together with his friends, Hridesh Kemburu then created Wildfire. The app is quite convenient for both students and professionals alike. It gives them notifications about incidents in their local areas as well as alternate routes in averting those incidents.

What Does Will App ask from Users?

When users download the app, it will ask them the following:

  • The person’s first and last name.
  • The person’s pronouns.
  • Their age.
  • The person’s graduation date.
  • They’re university email if they are a student.
  • The user’s phone number.
  • Otherwise, they can use the ‘Not in College’ option.
  • Their username and add a display picture.
  • Turning on the notifications and location from the menu.

The app offers its users four features: Home, Directory, Alerts, Profile, and Activity.

wildfire application

When was Wildfire’s Concept Conceived?

The idea for the Wildfire app came in 2015 when Hriday Kemburu was almost robbed outside the main library of the University of California – Berkeley.

After informing the campus police, he then posted about it on Facebook. His post did get views and he did a post on student groups. There were however existing shortcomings.

Upon realizing the lack of a clear and effective way of spreading real-time updates within the local community, Kemburu and his friends decided to establish an app that would help the app’s users receive those real-time notifications and then help others receive the same notifications accordingly.

The app would also have a feature informing users’ next of kin of their whereabouts too.

Why Was the App Named Wildfire?

The app’s creators named it Wildfire because the app is designed to spread real-time notifications faster than a speeding bullet. The app is available on both Android and iOS and can hence be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store easily.

Can User Accounts of Wildfire be Verified?

Anyone working as a journalist or a law enforcement official in need verification about certain users can email the company at team@getwildfire.com.

The company will be glad to help in verifying Wildfire user-profiles and will also cooperate and will thus provide other information as well.

Is There a Likelihood of Wildfire Getting Used Wrongly?

The likelihood of it getting used wrongly is uncertain. From one end, the app does seem spectacular but from the other end, it looks like another gimmick that is not worth the cent.

Wildfire from the other end looks like those apps that are created to woo a specific segment of the society.

Since it aims to give real-time notifications of incidents happening nearby, there is a question of the notifications being true and authentic.

Other than that, the pro-democrat leaning of the app’s founders also poses as an issue worth questioning. Wildfire is regulated by its founders.

They are always open to working with the law if there is something that is out of the ordinary and goes out of control.

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