Top 5 WhatsApp Spy Apps Review

There are many spy apps but here are the top 5 WhatsApp spy apps review to help you choose one.
There is an infinite number of apps to monitor social messaging apps are floating on the web. The technological world is been advanced over the years and innovates unbelievable tech–creatures that dramatically shock the user’s world.

Today, you can spy on any kind of mobile phone device including the installed social messaging apps.  Instant messaging apps are considered as one of the best free communication services worldwide and WhatsApp stands at the top of the least. You will be able to see on everyone’s cell phone you just name it.

 On the other hand, vulnerabilities associated with the WhatsApp are on the rise both for young kids and teens and for employers that allow has been allowed for communication purposes at the workplace.

Therefore, both parents and employers want to monitor WhatsApp to impose parental control on teens WhatsApp and employees want to monitor employee’s activities within the working hours. Therefore, we have gathered the top 5 WhatsApp spy apps that are very effective when it comes to tracking.

Top 5 Best Whatsapp Spy App Review



TheOneSpy stands for world’s no. 1 cell phone and computer monitoring app these days. Therefore, it is also one of the most effective spy software for WhatsApp.

It empowers the user to do surveillance on the WhatsApp and provide you information via the online control panel in terms of logs. You can get the logs of text messages, chats conversations, audio video conversations, and shared multimedia as photos and Voice messages.

Moreover, it enables you to perform a live screen on the WhatsApp activated on the target cell phone device. The user will be able to make short videos of the screen back to back and further you can get access to the real-time screen recorded videos having access to the web portal of the WhatsApp spy software.

However, the user can also remotely capture screenshots of the screen when the user is using WhatsApp and you can get applied keystrokes of WhatsApp using keystrokes logging tool of the cell phone monitoring software.


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It is the second leading monitoring software for WhatsApp. You can use it on multiple cell phone devices and get access to the installed social media app. It has a user –friendly interface and a number of beginners have provided positive feedback. But the reason behind its second place at the ranking table it is a very expensive one.

The service of the surveillance app for WhatsApp is expensive and layman cannot afford it. Moreover, when it comes to installation it is very tricky and no–tech-savvy people cannot install it single-handedly.



Flexispy has taken third place in our ranking. It is also one of the best WhatsApp spy applications. It’s been intended to keep a hidden watch over the activities happens on the target device in terms of social networking app WhatsApp.

You can monitor whatever is been sent or received on the social messaging app via instant messenger. Moreover, you can use it to monitor your teens and employees activities respectively.


Benefits of Using Mobistealth

It works under complete secrecy and further it provides you with complete information of the WhatsApp running on the target cell phone.

You can monitor the social messaging app with 100% complete accuracy and efficiency. You can track call logs, messages, videos photos shared with the complete time stamp.

Moreover, you can track the GPS location of the target device. The entire monitored data will be uploaded to the web portal of the Mobistealth.


spyera reviews

SpyEra is packed with the latest technological reforms and it has one of the most powerful and state of the art features such as call interception. Moreover, you can track WhatsApp messages in real –time and at the same time you can monitor live calls and listen to it.

The particular feature is exclusive and may come in a couple of other powerful WhatsApp spy apps. Moreover, apart from the text messages, the end user can track call history and duration as well.

However, the user can spy on the WhatsApp chat conversations, shared multimedia like photos and videos and Voice messages.


If you want to monitor WhatsApp messages in terms of digital parenting and employee monitoring purposes. Then, in my opinion, TheOneSpy would be the ultimate high –tech WhatsApp tracking app compares to others. You can also check the complete TheOneSpy review.

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