What is MS Word

What is Microsoft Word (MS Word) – Complete Guide

MS Word is the most popular computer program used for preparing documents. That is why today we will know that What is MS Word? If you have a laptop, computer, Android smartphone and you have not installed it, do it quickly.

Because from now onwards you are going to start using it. What is MS Word and how to learn it, if someone asks you this question, you will be able to answer it very easily? Also, you will also know what the formatting features of MS Word are.

Users use it to create new documents, to repair and store old ones. It has very useful tools like other word processing programs. It is made by the world’s largest software company, Microsoft. It was developed by Microsoft in 1983. Since then, many versions of it have been released.

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It has been the top application for word processing in the entire world since the beginning. And even today it is going on top. Nobody uses any other application in place of this.

Microsoft is used to create resumes, forms, letters, papers template, booklet, reports, and business cards. Word is a part of the Microsoft Office program. In Microsoft Office, programs like MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Access, etc. are done with MS Word. So if you have to use it, then you have to install MS Office.

Earlier, we were able to use this software only on computers and laptops. But its Android app is also available now, which you can download and use from PlayStore.

You must have understood the definition of Microsoft Word now. Now you need to know its specialty. When you know what benefits we get from MS Word, then we will be able to make full use of it. So before that, let us know what is its feature

How to Do Office Work in MS Word?

Let us know what things you need to know to work in this application.

MS Word Layout and Option

When we work on a document, a lot of editing has to be done in it. And according to our wish, we also design and decorate our file. To do file editing, we need to know which option is available in MS Word. For this, the layout has to be understood, so let’s see what option is there in MS Word.

Title Bar

The title bar we see at the top of the MS Word application is the title bar. Here the name of the file in which we are working appears. But when working on the file for the first time, it shows ‘Document 1’ as the default name. When we store the file, then at that time we write its name on our own free will. Now whenever we open that file, our named name will be shown in this title bar.

Close Button

The right side of the title bar has 3 small size buttons. In this, the first button is called Minimize maximize the second button and the third button is called the Close button.

Minimize Button

With this button, we can go to another window without closing the program and placing it in the taskbar. This helps us to work in MS Word as well as run other programs.

Maximize Button

With the help of this button, we can reduce the window size and adjust the size according to our mind and use it. Then when you want to restore it, you can also size it full screen.

Close Button

The last button is in red color with a cross mark and clicking on it closes the MS Word application completely.

Office Button

This is one of the main buttons in MS Word which is in the menu bar. In this, some useful options are given to create a file.

Quick Access Toolbar

This toolbar is in the title bar. In this, there are tools that we need most and more frequently. Here we can add the option which we use more often by our own will. With the help of this toolbar, we can save a lot of time.

Menu Bar

The menu bar is slightly below the title bar. In recent times, it is also called tab bar. There are many tabs inside it and each one has its own ribbon. This is such a part of MS Word in which a lot of options are given. There are a lot of useful features inside it, which can work in a file.


The bottom part of the menu bar is called Ribbon. There are tabs for browsing the commands for a task. After this, those tabs are divided into groups. Whichever we click on, all its options are enabled.

Ruler Bar

A ruler is used to set the page margin. Microsoft Word has 2 ruler bars. The first ruler bar is just above the text area. And the second ruler is in the left side of the text area.

Text Area

This is the main area where we type our words. This is the largest area of ??MS Word application which is at the very center. While writing your content, all the design modifications are done on this.


The scroll bar is the vertical bar on the right side of the MS Word application. With the help of this, we get the job of bringing down more pages in our written text area. With the help of this, we can easily scroll through any page.

Status Bar

It is below the text area. The right side has a zoom level tool. With the help of this, you can zoom out and zoom in the page. Apart from this, there are other tools in the status bar such as Word count, language, etc. Friends, you must have now understood what the features of MS Word are. And at the same time, you must also know what application these features have. Now we will know what advantage we get from MS Word.

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Formatting Features of MS Word

Microsoft Word provides many tools for preparing documents. Through these tools, we can improve anything in our document. And you can prepare your document according to your wish. So let’s know what features are available for working in the document in Microsoft Word and also we will know its layout.

Formatting Features of MS Word

Auto Text

The words that we use more often add them to the dialog box of the Auto Text option. After that whenever you start writing that word, the auto text just starts showing on it. If it needs to be added, let us enter it.


With this, when we type an incorrect word and press space, the auto-correct tool replaces that word with the correct word itself.

Header and Footer

Header – The top part of the header page is called Header. This is added to the top margin of the Header page. We use this to enter Auto text, date-time, page number.

Footer – Footer The bottom of the page is called Footer. This is added to the bottom margin of the page. This is done to insert a page number, footnote.

Page Formatting

After preparing a document in Microsoft Word, it is very important to set up its page before printing it. After setting up the page, we leave margins as per our convenience. With this, you can adjust the content on the left side or right side.

Bullets and Numbering

We use bullet and numbering to create a list in our file. Using this, we can make our document attractive with numbering and bullets.

Editing of Text

If you want to make any changes in the text written here, it is very easy. You can easily delete it with Backspace by moving the mouse cursor to that word. And then we can make any change in its place.

Spelling and Grammer check

This is a very special feature of Word that has a spelling and grammar checking tool. Whenever we type a word, it checks the spelling of every word. And then tells the correct word for it, the show shows up at the top. Which we can click and use to select the correct word.

Use Of Thesaurus

Inside it is a huge repository of words that can use the meaning of any word as well as its synonyms and antonym words.

Page Numbering

With the help of this option, you can add a page number to the document.


You can add columns to the page using this option of Format Menu. The page consists of only one column. More than one column can be created using this option.

Mail Merge

Mail Merge is a very important option for MS Word. Using this we can send a letter to many people. Whenever a letter has to be prepared and sent in a group, then we use Mail Merge. Such as Invitation letter, admit card, official letter, etc. We can connect to the database using Mail Merge.

Find & Replace

Sometimes it happens that we have written a particular word in the entire document. And it also needs to be changed. In such a situation, it is not known where that word is and where it is difficult to search and change the word one by one. But with the help of Find & Replace, we can find that word and replace it with another word.

Styles and Formatting

With this option you can create a style for formatting. And for this you can define shortcut key. A setting of paragraph word level is done in it. You can also do more settings like font, tab, paragraph, border setting.


With the help of the Macro option, we can record any work. If needed, we can run that Macro. Macro is a very useful tool. With the help of this, we can record whatever work we do inside MS Word. This work is done in a few seconds.

Create Table

For our document, we are also given many options related to the table using the Table menu. With which a lot of work can be done easily.

Benefits of MS Word

Friends, why do we use any application? So that we can do our work with it. But apart from just basic work, many such features are required which cannot be found in every application. In the same way, there are many such benefits in MS Word for many of our work, which we get only in this application. So let us now see what benefit we get in MS Word.

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Storage of Text

With the help of word processors, we can make and keep many copies of our written documents. And sometimes if there is a need to make some changes in it, then you can make a copy of it and change the text in it and make it a separate file.


We get error-free documents in Microsoft Word. There is an inbuilt grammar checker tool that can correct any spelling and grammar mistakes in our document. That’s why I already told that MS Word is an error-free document producer.

Benefits of MS Word

Dynamic Exchange of Data

We can also exchange and share the data and pictures of the document in Word with another application. If you have no idea about this, then I tell you. You must have seen the PowerPoint slideshow. We make a presentation by creating all the data used in Powerpoint presentation, by creating it in MS Word and then sharing it in Powerpoint. And we can also make links between documents.

Time Saver

We can make unlimited copies of just one document without having to retype. In this way, it saves us a lot of time.


Sometimes we make a personal document or a document that we want that no other person can read. So for this, we can also lock it with a password.

Features of MS Word

With the help of this program, any type of document can be prepared in any language in a very short time.

By saving the program created in MS Word in docx file format, you can keep it for the future. If needed, you can also edit it as per your wish.

In this, there is an option of Automatic correct to fix the spelling mistake for the weak in English. Which shows us the correct spelling of the wrongly typed word, which shows us when right-clicked.

Using headings can make the document more attractive.

The option of Word Art allows us to choose very beautiful designed fonts and use them in our document.

In this, we also get the facility to do Mail Merge.

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