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Website Design Elements For Usability And SEO

Driving your customer’s attention to your website is like running half a mile in a marathon. Once you get them to notice you, it’s time for the next step.

The next step is about leading them where you want them to go on your website. If you have a well-designed website, it will automatically give your users a great experience and will allow them to look for what they want. Also, it will help them to be more inclined to lead to a conversion.

For a web designer, it’s best to learn website usability to create something that can satisfy their customers. 


The difference is truly measurable. If you compare a clean and simple website with the conjugated one, it will definitely make you choose the first one with the fine context where you can navigate, scroll and understand things clearly.

The term “website usability” holds all the aspects of a website that makes it simple and user-friendly. According to an article, which was published in the 1980s, the writer says that the exact term of website usability was introduced to clear the concept of perceiving an online entity from a viewer’s point.

The tech veterans consider the usability of a website with the level of satisfaction that a user gained from using it. A website with good usability is easy to understand which can proliferate revenues for you whereas a site that let the customers unsatisfied and confused can sabotage your business.

It is important for you to meet the user’s needs effectively and efficiently. Also, make sure to include interactive and fun features to engage your audience. Your company logo design can help you capture your audience’s attention so make sure to put effort while designing it.


The word SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is self-explanatory which cascades down to all the processes that are needed to optimize a website for search engines. In easy terms, it’s all about knowing how you can boost your website and make it rank high in the search engine.

SEO basically deals with channelizing more audience organically on your website. Now a question must have crossed your mind that what meaning the word “organic” holds here. Well, the word organic depicts the result that naturally appears on the search engine because of its relevance to the search query.

Website SEO and usability are the two basic concepts that are closely related to each other. Both of these can make or break your website. A website with great usability and optimization on search engines will definitely gain more traffic. Whereas the rating from good to best websites can evaluate in certain criteria that can be subjective (can be good for an individual or best to others).

As outlined by Moz, the following are the relevant aspects your website should include:

  • Make it simple, easy to navigate and understand.
  • Provide relevant information and actionable measure to contact.
  • Ensure to deliver high quality and credible content.
  • Professionally designed to access modern browsers.

A website with confusing structure and too much information can create confusion for an individual, which means if your website ranks low on the search engine, it will not receive much organic traffic and that can ultimately cause a problem for you to worry.

To keep you out of this situation here are some helpful designing tips that you should keep in mind while developing your site.


Navigation for a website seems pretty basic whilst designing your website though it requires you to follow some protocols. Top navigation or horizontal navigation or both can look fine depending on how deep your site is.

It doesn’t matter what navigation pattern you choose to go with, make sure to categorized things appropriately so they are placed in order. Try to make a segment of your products or services for the audience to get a clear idea of what and where they should look for.

According to tech veterans, the user should not click more than two times to look for something. A good rule of thumb is to sub-categorize things if required so that the user doesn’t have to wonder. 


Try to stay consistent with your website’s layout. It will help your customers to navigate useful things easily. For instance, you plan on redesigning your website’s layout and if your navigation jumped from the homepage to the interior page then it can create confusion for your existing and non-customers. Also, this type of designing can make it hard for that reader to consume relevant information.

Make sure to keep the order of the page consistent from navigation, content, calls to actions, contact us, graphics to images.



Make easy ways for your audience to connect to you. It’s best to provide full details of where you operate from to your basic information (number and email).


Content is something that can generate quick traffic for your site. It has categories like blogs, write-ups, videos, and images. Try to put some high-quality content with the right information. The easy tip is to insert links of your social media platforms so the people can get some details from there too. Remember, people will always judge you from the type of content you upload so its best put some content that can grab the attention of the reader in one go.


Too much of whitespace on your page can break a reader’s tempo. It’s important to use the whitespace wisely where you can use it to make your text look spacious and not cluttered. A lot of effects and graphical elements can conjugate the content on your website.


Majority of people consider that adding flash can cause less effectiveness whereas small elements of flash can be very useful and can turn fruitful whilst engaging the audience.

With the advancements in technology search engines are also improving and imposing flash indexes in the search engine. However, you can use flash to showcase your product/service, a special offer or convey your marketing message.

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