5 Web Design Hacks That Will Get You More Leads

5 Web Design Hacks That Will Get You More Leads

The website is the online face of the company and the burning question on every marketing expert’s lip is- How to achieve to achieve more traffic for the business!

There are a plethora of pragmatic ways that can help you to invite more people to experiencing your brand. These may include the blogging, practical processes of generating quality leads, sharing on the social media, strategic landing pages, email and event marketing.

But research reveals that over 60 percent of the people are still confused about the content that will be most effective and only 20 percent of the B2B marketers have moved to a customer-centric organizational structure.

So if you want to achieve more leads then there are some web design hacks that you should follow. Just read on.

  • Perform a Conversion Audit:

You must make sure that your website is designed for conversions. Your website can be created in a very appealing manner but that does not mean that it is designed for conversions. That is why it is a must that you perform a conversion audit that will be well worth the small investment that it calls for.

This way you will be able to identify the issues with your website and fix them prior to launching the marketing campaigns. This will decrease your expenditure for advertising and as you will always be optimizing and split testing, you will be able to reach the desirable conversions faster.

Perform a Conversion Audit:

  • Revise Your CTAs:

For an effective web design, you have to ensure that the Call-to-Action buttons or CTAs are noticeable, to the point and placed in the right way. Though the CTAs are extremely small and unassuming, they are powerful lead generation tools. You have to take care of four components to create the effective CTAs.

The CTA itself, as well as the copy that leads up to and follows your CTA, should be we thought out. Should dissolve any reservation that the potential lead may have and attract them in a way that they just cannot resist without making them feel that you are doing it.

You should make your CTAs lucrative and enticing. You should place the CTAs in a place where it is clearly visible like at the bottom of a page or end of a content or in the top-right quadrant of the web page. Also, You should check mobile visibility for your CTA as well. You should make your CTA minimalist and clean with the right usage of color and make it a contrast to your background.

  • Identify the Visitors are Scrolling and Clicking:

If you know where your visitors are clicking you will be able to reposition your offers from the zones that are non-attractive to the ones that can attract the clicks. Heatmap tools like crazyegg will not just show where the clicks are happening but also what travel source is producing them.

How far down the page your visitors are scrolling can also be detected through this app. Insight to where your visitors are viewing or clicking will help to generate more traffic for your website.

  • Using Images and Videos:

When used in the right way, multimedia content can generate a significant amount of targeted leads for the business. But you need to use them in the correct way. Your multimedia content should be speaking to the target customers directly. It is imperative that your videos are optimized for the website.

HTML5 video is the best to use, it allows people to access your content across the various devices and browsers. You can put videos to use on the landing pages and your website and they can be used for testimonials and social proofs. Just make sure those videos are sweet, short and to the point. If videos take excessive time for loading nobody will be interested in watching it. So, ensure the videos are fast and easy-to-load.

  • Include the Testimonials or Trust Signals:

If you can make your visitors trust the business, they are more likely to submit their info and make purchases. That is why if you include testimonials from customers and notable partners that will be great for building trust.

Showcasing the recognition and the awards will help customers to do business with you comfortably. Fake testimonials, however, can work in a reverse manner. They can be easily identified and are major turn-offs for visitors to show interest in your brand.

The above some of the web design hacks that will help to get you more leads. These are suggested by the experts of the reputed PHP development services India who know the tips and tricks of achieving a great web design that is bound to generate more leads and assist your business to achieve the zenith of success that you always dreamt of.