Vidmate for Android is the Only Video Streaming App You’ll Need in Your Phone

Gone are the days of slow, buffering YouTube. Today there are tons of free streaming and downloading apps available on the internet; you don’t need to exclusively depend on YouTube for your daily entertainment. After trying out several of the top apps, we have come to the conclusion that Vidmate is the most excellent YouTube alternative. It even does more than YouTube to ensure you get your daily dose of entertainment, no matter what.

Here is how Vidmate became our favorite YouTube alternative. The app comes for free with no one single hidden subscription offer. It allows free streaming and downloading of the latest films, TV shows, and other videos.

It’s one monster of an app that takes care of your entertainment needs. One thing that we really liked about the app is its interface that is very basic and user-friendly. When you open the app, Vidmate will allow you to browse through categories, there are search options and exclusive recommendations based on your taste and search patterns.

One more highlight of the app is that each video has a dedicated page so that you can grab as much information surrounding the video as possible. Vidmate is something that everyone in your family can make use of. There’s children mode that’ll enable you to allow your children to have fun while making sure they steer clear of bad influence.

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For anyone who wants Vidmate for Android, there are only a couple of steps that he/she needs to look at. There needs to a simple tweaking done on your smartphone so that it allows the app to be installed and used.

Go to the setting on your phone, from there go to security and then switch to ‘Unknown Sources.’ And Because of Google’s policy, an app like Vidmate can’t be available at Play Store. So you need to download Vidmate app file by Google searching for it.

Once you get it to download, the app will automatically be installed. You’ll only have to confirm a couple of times. After installation makes sure, you restart the handset. Now there should appear the Vidmate icon on the homepage. Enjoy.

Once in a while, there comes along a film or a video that deserved viewing on a large screen. To do that you need Vidmate for PC. Note that there is no official Vidmate for PC app but what we offer you is great to hack to bring the app to your Windows PC.

All you need to do is carefully follow what we are going to say. Download and install an Android emulator like BlueStacks (which is just about the best emulator available online for free) on your computer. Next, Google searches for the Vidmate app and download it.

Go to the download folder and after right clicking on the apk file ‘open with’ Bluestacks. That’s it. From now on every time you open Vidmate you open it via the emulator. The app works fine, thinking that it’s operating on an Android platform while actually working on Windows. Let us know if you have any questions regarding the hack.

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