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There has been a significant increment in online courses and MOOCs. Why is that so? That is a fact every instructor or educational institute should know since the world today is facing digital globalization. Now people are looking for quicker and easier learning alternatives and the only solution for it was to make the most out of eLearning.

Content for online learning should be visually appealing, striking and accurate to the relevant factual information. It is easier to find video animations services and get your learning content animated but there are some other effectual and useful alternatives as well.

Those alternatives are video editing software programs that have the potential to comply with almost every requirement of yours. Here are a few worthy mentions:


A platform for creating instructional videos, Wirewax offers interactive options for the making of instructional video content. However, Wirewax is equipped with automated hotspots that allow a person to identify objects, items and even people in a video easily. If you are looking for easy and simple object tracking in a video then Wirewax can become a feasible choice for it. The viewers will have full control over the video as they can effortlessly swipe through the scenes and panels in the videos.


Whether it is a short-length instructional video or full-fledged coursework for an e-learning course, LearnWorlds has almost every option you need to curate content, create, edit and publish e-learning courses across numerous platforms. However, some people are afraid to make the content too bland and LearnWorlds has got you covered for it. The platform comprises of tools and editing options that can be used for making video content less bland and more interactive than ever. As for its main features, users can arrange content for the video solely through a few clicks as the interface of the platform is easy to grasp and operate.


Desktop animation software programs are aplenty but that does not mean mobile apps will begin to stay behind the competition. Animoto is a video editing mobile app with simplistic features for editing and uploading content. However, as most apps have the option to take pictures or make videos from the app itself but Animoto does not have any such options. You would have to import your video and then you will be asked to choose different editing styles. Snipping videos, adding text and adding filters are some of the core features Animoto offers.

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is a simple and effective video editor. That allows you to cut and edit a movie from existing clips. Although it is a good paid app. But you can easily Download movavi activation key free and use in your pc without any payment. Which should provide you enough time to explore its features. You can make professional video editing by using this software. One another key feature of this software you can edit the desired video in numerous formats as quickly as possible.


The Magisto app was first launched as a desktop application but now it has been made available for mobile users. Using Magisto, one can import both photos and videos into the app and then turn those visuals into a customized movie. The process of achieving this idea is easy, as you only have to record the video or capture photos directly from the app. Once that is done, you would be asked to add an editing style for the video. You can even add music, a soundtrack along with a title for your instructional video.


As for advanced video editing tools, you can add to your computer, Filmora is a befitting selection for it. This video editor has all the tools and features you require for thorough and detailed video production. As for its interface, the options in the menu are easily accessible and usable. With Filmora, you get to work in a professional environment and experience what most professional and advanced video editing tools tend to offer. From video clips to music files, Filmora is equipped with numerous options for editing digital content.


In case of creating and editing a screencast directly from your computer’s screen, Ezvid is a reliable option for such a task. To use Ezvid, you would need to download it so that it is able to run on your desktop PC or laptop. While most screen recorders have similar tools and features, Ezvid also supports voice recording, face camera detection, online drawing and options for video uploads. What traditional screen recorders do not have is the option of on-screen drawing but Ezvid does have this feature. It even comes with an extensive color palette with different sets of brushes, pens, and stamps.


A free and downloadable video editor, VSDC is a prominent name in the list of open source video editing software programs. It does not only offer traditional video editing features but it even contains a wide list of filters, styles, and effects to add to your video. You can either opt for an editing wizard or choose to make edits manually since VSDC offers both such options. Whether you are an experienced professional in the domain of editing or you happen to be new at it, the VSDC video editing tool has every option available according to one’s expertise and knowledge.

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