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Most Useful iPhone Settings that You are Not Using

With over 700 million users, Apple is one of the leading cell phone companies in the world.  The brand has replenished the boundaries and dimensions of a smartphone. It has made an incorrigible mark in the field of mobile technology. With an endless amount of features, the iPhone marks itself as a cavalier of all the Smartphones.

However, not all features of iPhones are prominent to everyone. There are some features which you might not have known until now which will surely make your life easier. These tools are not certainly advertised or exaggerated; hence they are left unknown and unnoticed. So let’s take a look at some of the unknown iPhone settings.

iPhone Allows you to Invert the Color of the Screen

nvert the color of the screen

One of the features in iPhone that not everyone is aware of is changing the screen color or inverting it. In order to do so;

Go to > iPhone settings > genera l> accessibility > invert colors and press the toggle button.

It will completely invert the color of the screen. However, if you want don’t like the change, you can re-press the toggle button again to get the screen back to normal color.

Text to Speech Feature

Text to speech

This one is an amazing feature in iPhones armory of features. It allows you to listen to the content which is very helpful when you are doing multi-tasking. In order to enable this feature you need to;

Go to > iPhone settings > accessibility > speech > speak selection

Once you enable the option, then select any text on your phone and you’ll be able to see the option of speak.

Change Video Resolution

Change video resolution

This feature is very helpful for making videos from your camera. After a long time, iPhone has provided their users with this option of changing video resolution. It is of great use for those who want to experiment with mobile filmmaking. In order to enable this;

Go to > iPhone settings > camera > record video > you’ll find options to select your resolution. Select the one which you wish to.

After enabling the feature, open the camera and start recording, you’ll see the difference.

Block Web Trackers

Block Web Trackers

This feature ensures the privacy of the user from the unknown tracking websites out there. To enable this feature;

Go to > iPhone settings > safari > push the toggle button beside ‘ask websites not to track me

Once you enable this, the safari will block all the websites and ads that are intended to track your iPhone. This is a remarkable feature that will ensure the safety and privacy of the user.

Prioritize Download

Prioritize Download

Often we try to download more than one application at a time, which slows down the process of downloading for all the apps. What to do in that case? iPhone has an answer for that in the form of another remarkable feature. It is called prioritize download, in which you can select the application which you want to get it download first. In order to do so;

While the apps are being downloaded, long press the app you want to download first and you’ll see the option to ‘prioritize download’. The app will automatically lead the queue.

Announce Caller

Announce caller

While you are driving you are a car or you are doing some important work and the phone rings, you don’t want to pick the phone, but what if it is an important call? You’re not sure what to do. Well, iPhone solves your issue here with a feature not many people know of. iPhone has a feature of announcing the call, where Siri speaks out the name of the caller so that you don’t need to pick the phone or look at the screen. In order to enable;

Go to > iPhone settings> phone > announce calls > you’ll be provided with three option. Select the one according to your will.

Change the Password Style

Change the password style

iPhone has given its users to change the password style of their device, usually, iPhone had a typical 4 digit password for their device. However, with the addition of new models, they changed it to 6 digit password. However, they have retained the option of changing it. In order to do so;

Go to > iPhone settings > touch id & passcode > enter your existing passcode > tap change password > re-enter your existing passcode > tap passcode option > you’ll be given with three option, select anyone of your choice.

Custom Vibration

Custom vibration

Now imagine the earlier situation that you are driving your car or doing some other important task and your phone rings but this time it is in silent mode and you have no idea what to do. Well, there is a feature for such situation too. Apple provides an option to customize the vibration pattern according to your contacts. In order to do so;

Go to > iPhone settings > sounds > vibration > create new vibration. There is also another way of doing so. To do so;

Go to > contacts> select ant contact you wish to set the vibration for > got to vibration > select create new > you’ll be provided with the option of creating a new vibration pattern.

Save PDF to iBooks

Save PDF to iBooks

This an effective feature for quickly turning the content of the webpage into a PDF. In order to do so;

Go to > safari > press the overhead button of any website > press the share button > chose the option of creating a PDF > tap on done > select the location of your file to the iCloud drive.

With this feature, you can easily create any webpage into a PDF rather than searching out for the PDF’s.

Stop Music with a Timer

This is a notable feature in iPhone which not many know of. Many of us are fond of dozing off to sleep while listening to music but are afraid of the battery that it’ll use as the music will go on playing even if you sleep. Well, Apple has a solution for this too.

Go to > clock app > tap on the timer button in the lower right corner > then select for how long you want to play > then press when time ends > tap on stop playing. Now when you’ll play music, it’ll stop automatically according to the timer.  A great feature isn’t it?

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