Understanding Cloud & Collocation: The Rising Trend in 2018

Understanding Cloud & Collocation: The Rising Trend in 2018

A research report revealed that every one of four enterprises will have their data grow by 30-percent throughout 2018. In order to cope with the surge, it’s quite obvious that migration to the cloud platform would also mount swiftly.

The New Year is also expected to see even the most conservative IT managers and CIOs opting for the cloud from that typical “let me think about it” phrase. The shift is optimistic and rather necessary to meet the ever-rising mission-critical business requisites.

The transformation is driven by the need for an advanced infrastructure and a means to escape the tradition aging platform. The move also caused many enterprises to look for alternatives other than the on-premises data center and this is when cloud and colocation services come forth.

It’s unmistakable; applications and services powered by cloud boost efficiency and productivity of organizations, reduce capital expenditure, an ideal solution for scalability and eliminate high hardware cost. With this, other benefits are the increase in workforce collaboration and output among the globally dispersed setups.

That being said, the cloud is earth-friendly in many different ways. Companies can easily manage their server capacity by scaling up or down per demand over the cloud thereby saving energy and reducing carbon footprint.

Both cloud and colo facilities offer business entities remarkable benefits, however, each satisfies the demand in different ways mostly depending on individual corporate setup and nature of operations. Cost reduction by sharing of the facilities is one advantage that outdoes all others but choosing among both platforms totally depends on an organization’s particular requirement.

Every cloud doesn’t have a silver lining

Cloud platform and likewise solutions come with amazing benefits but not likely to be the best fit for all companies. Take for instance healthcare that has been producing a huge cluster of data volume following rapid digitalization of patients’ record, further impelled by legislative regulations and constant need of providing the best patient care at low cost.

Organizations in banking, finance, healthcare and insurance sector are constantly dealing with sensitive and confidential information. Although broad and better in terms of data management plus enhanced security, a cloud isn’t always preferred for user-sensitive information especially when healthcare and finances are concerned. The only exception is using such a platform demonstrating compliance with industry standards, have appropriate recognition and maintain cloud security at its fullest.

Colocation: The ultimate solution

A colo data center today is big business and expected to get even bigger throughout 2018 and reaching above $40 billion. With this platform, companies get to own, use and manage their equipment whereas power, cooling, floor space to keep the hardware equipment and communication solutions are offered by colocation. This is one reason for such a facility to comply with international industry standards and maintain the highest possible security.

Yet another reason to use the facility is addressing the limitations of current data warehouse and manage other things appropriately. An industry survey concluded that more or less 36-percent data storage facilities are likely to run short of space, power and cooling regulations in near future seeing the frequency of information surge and storage demand.

In case the prediction holds true, enterprises can cost-effectively augment the existing facility by manipulating services of a colocation in addition to the latest trends in disaster recovery. It must be noted that even with a colo, the hardware and essential equipment such as servers, switches, and software must be purchased by companies. IT personnel of the enterprise are also responsible to track and manage equipment that includes performing necessary backup and maintenance.

Colo & cloud: Choose your side

Both cloud and colo services are modern and advanced alternatives to the traditional on-premise or in-house data center. Each offers unique benefits and solutions based on company-specific requisites and nature of operations which is why understanding one’s own services and the possibility of future transformation is crucial before picking something in particular.


Whether migrating to the cloud or choosing colocation, companies looking forward to such solutions get the best of IT staff and likewise expertise with both, critical for scalability.