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Building an Uber for X: A Detailed Guide of On-Demand Service App Development

Technology has found its way through almost every service that is rendered today. There are no on-demand services that do not have an online app. Everything reaches you in a single tap. Right from rides, food, groceries, packages, medicines, and whatnot.

In recent times, there has been a swift growth in the on-demand service sector. After the success of Uber, many other startups entered the on-demand business. They had significant growth in their business. When analyzed, the on-demand service industry has had a constant uptrend in the past few years. In the forthcoming years also, it is expected to increase rapidly.

If you wish to provide an on-demand service, you have to analyze a few things that will help you build the right business with an efficient app for it. A few factors are listed here:

Go For the Right On-Demand Service

First, get a complete insight into the service you are going to offer. Find out what the other companies in the market are providing. Get ahead of them to become a success in the market. Customers are looking for something new always. So any new feature or offer will attract them.

Find out if the service will be of need daily. Services that are required once a week or month will not gather more customers. The service should be a part of the daily routine of the people. Provide such on-demand services to generate more revenue.

Develop an app with the selected on-demand services. However, developing such an app from scratch can take indefinite hours of research and development. A ready-made app solution like Gojek clone can help you set up the on-demand service app instantly.

Make it Sound Convenient

The customers should have the feel of convenience when they decide to use your app. The distance and time are the two factors that stop them from going out and getting what they want. The users should not feel like they are putting in a lot of effort to order using your app. The process of placing an order should not be time-consuming. Your app should be available easily to the customer, and each step should be easy.

Keep Them in the Loop

Customers are always keen on knowing the status of the order or product and its location. So, employ geo-location in the app and let the customers track the location of the product. Also, provide them with the product photos to assure them about the quality and timely delivery.

Payment Should be Easy

Another major aspect of the app is to make the payment procedure simple. There should be multiple options such as credit card, debit card, UPI, Paytm, etc. for payment.

Feedbacks and Ratings

Be open to any feedback or rating. Review the negative review and take efforts to change it to a positive one. Make sure you do not obtain negative reviews as far as possible, as it might have an impact on your business. New customers will go through the ratings and comments of the previous customers before choosing your brand. So, educate the delivery agent or the drivers on how to be well-behaved with the customers.

Choose the Right Delivery Agents or Drivers

Any on-demand service will require an executive or driver who will deliver the product or the food items. These agents will be responsible for the collections of the product from the source, checking the product, and delivering it at the correct destination without any damage. They should handle any customer problems smoothly and behave politely to the customers. Before launching your business in the market, you have to find executives. When you find a few agents to deliver goods, make sure you inform them about the entire process. Monitor the orders they take up and check if there are any negative reviews about any executive.

Have Separate Panels Based on the Task

A customer should have a panel that will help them place an order, enter the location, apply coupons, pay for the order, and confirm it. Whereas the panel of a supply agent should have the list of upcoming orders, acceptance or denial of order, collection of the ordered item, and delivery at the right place. A web portal should be available for the administrator to monitor the entire process.

Update the Customers on Offers

The users of the app should be notified regularly about the offers available. You can send an email or push notification to update the customers about discounts and rewards. A push notification will get the attention of the user instantly. But, you also have to make sure that you do not annoy the customer with your notifications.

Select the Matching Algorithm

You should have a fixed pattern in which you assign executives to the customer. You can either assign manually or use an algorithm that will match the customer with the user. If assigning manually, then you have to match them. Else, the algorithm will carry out the process of assigning agents.

One App for All Needs

A few business persons may have many services to be provided. They will find it difficult to manage and so many apps. So, to help such entrepreneurs, the Gojek clone app was found. It is an app similar to GoJek that holds more than 20 services in it. The clone app can be incorporated with more than 60 services. Any attributes that are required can be included in the app.

The customers can install just one app for all the requirements they have. Separate landing pages will be incorporated for each of the services you provide. Monitoring can also be done using the administrator panel of the app. This app is a boon for entrepreneurs who provide many services. It is a readymade app that will be customized after carefully analyzing your business needs.

Wrapping up

Purchase the Gojek clone app from a renowned app development company like Appdupe. They will customize the app for your services and make the UI attractive. The clone app will be launched on multiple platforms. An online app is the most effective form of promotion that will reach many customers in a short span of time. Gain loyal customers by launching the online app.

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