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Top 8 Most vulnerable Bugs in Android Operating System

An Android operating system without the shadow of the doubt is one of the most popular and widely used OS in the world. Millions of cellphones and gadgets sold out everywhere. The Android OS is for everyone because of its mobile phone prices depends upon the user.

I mean you can buy a cheap and as well as costly android handset. However, when it comes to the security of the Android OS you can say it has the number of vulnerabilities and here we go to discuss the top 8 bugs in Android in the following.

AWOL Android

Most of the cell phone devices don’t provide a user the facility to retrieve the stored data into the device in-case of theft or losing the device due to some odd reasons. According to the Juniper survey, 58% of the mobile phone devices user fear to buy because the devices don’t sport them to recover or the lost content.

However, Apple cellphone enables users to get back the data using iTunes. But a user can use data backup apps by installing on the target devices and can easily create a backup for the stored data to the mobile phone.

Flimsy Passwords

The Android cellphones become vulnerable in-case falls into the wrong hands. However, it would be quite easy for the thieves stealing broadband services, SMS fees, reading emails and to abuse VPN connection.

Moreover, Juniper’s survey says 3 out of 4 users locked their mobile phones and it can save the cell phone security. But users could have found the way to understand Android’s Limitations.

Open Data

One of the vulnerabilities Android OS, it is lacking with the hardware data encryption. The Android 3.0 version has added initially “Honeycomb” adds an API to let manufacturers offer encryption and allow IT enforces use.

Moreover, the contemporary Android is still lacking with the hardware encryption. Finally, self –encrypting androids have come up with the stored data and it can be protected with the use of two ways.


This is phishing activity that usually takes cellphones users to visit the fake and malicious links. Moreover, hackers are completely aware of the fact that Android is full of security risks because of its openness especially in terms of data such as most of the users invited to receive SMS to download the Trojans–SMS android OS.

Once it is installed on the target device and fake players get started with the texting premium rate numbers without the user’s consent. Ultimately it would end up with the huge bills.

Unsafe Surfing

The android browsing activities can bring plenty of worries for you. You will have hell of browsing vulnerabilities of android. M.J. Keith has shown that WebKit browser vulnerability that can be exploited on android 2.0 and 2.2.

Browser lope holes that empower the black hat hacker’s full SD card access. Therefore, Android user cannot easily patch plenty of vulnerable bugs existed in the Android operating system.

Nosy Apps

Android marketed apps have become doubled over the years and almost 28% of the apps can ask for the location of the Android device. However, according to the reports only 7.5% access to the stored contacts and do these apps really need the enables and stuff. So, these types of permissions need to be ignored and as well as the Nosy apps should not be used on the android cellphone.

Repackaged & fraudulent Apps

It is not necessary all the apps are not as they appear. So, repackaged apps have been found on third party android markets and these are free apps. All these apps usually contains malwares like Trojans and many thing a like that can steal the information stored on your device and it can easily breach your privacy. However, you can say all these repackaged and fraudulent apps are basically designed as monitoring apps for cellphones.

Android Malware

The traffic analysis says Android malware is rises up to 400 hundred 400% over the years. The alarming thing is all the other OS collectively cannot compete with android in terms of malware attacks. However, when Coverity examined the android kernel, it has picked up 359 code vulnerabilities and 88 out of all has fallen into the high risk of exploitation. The Android OS is open development platforms so hackers have find out the ways to take advantage of these kinds of lope holes/.

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