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Top 10 Features Latest Windows Borrowed from Android

It is very common these days to copy or borrow the technological tricks, tips, and even the whole feature. Nowadays where technology has on the rise, everyone loves to copy other best work and the activity is being done by everyone. Today we are going to discuss all the contemporary and fascinating features windows have borrowed from an Android operating system. Let’s have a look at the following mentioned state of the art features that have pulled the mind of windows officials to copy android best work.

Contemporary Apps

The very important point that needs to be noted is that the latest trend of windows that have taken from the Android cell phones and that is without the shadow of the doubt is an addition of apps. Since the advancement of a smartphone has taken place, users were loved to shop on eBay or read some news on MSN; A user has to visit in your browser.

Though these websites were not up to the mark for phones and today user has apps that real world up to the mark. Therefore, the use of cell phone becomes common in terms of using cell phone browser and apps. So, currently, a window has got plenty of apps from Microsoft Store. So, a user can use, Newegg’s website in any web browser in order to get the full experience.

Modern Custom-built lock/screen

The old version of windows has the lock screen, but a basic one. Now you can see the list of users name, clicks and password. Now Windows has copied information-filled lock screen for smartphones. The user can easily add handy information to lock the screens such as recent emails or Cortana access. Users have these days dedication option for changing the lock screen wallpapers rather than having resort hacks.

User friendly options to Refresh/Resetting

The old-fashioned tips and tricks to operate windows settings and refreshing has gone by resetting OS inside the settings. Users have to scratch the installation disk and even some point in time to download the copy from the Microsoft and to do the complete the installation procedure again. The latest Android cell phones have made all these activities user-friendly and the same thing has been adopted by the latest version of window.

Fascinating Touch control

Yeah, it is true, not only the android phones have such fascinating touch control of the screen, nowadays the window devices have come up with the supported touchscreen. On the other hand, most of the users still believe in keyboard and in the mouse to operate the window. Android cell phones enable users to use Microsoft office with natural touch gestures like by using the one finger to scroll down web pages, pinching to zoom and many other activities and the similar case is with the latest Windows operating systems.

Action Center

The windows have no doubt lacked with the central notification center. You can see bubbles and number of notifications, but don’t have the mechanism to review it later. Now in modern times, the windows have copied from android notification philosophy with its Action center. A user can use it by pressing +A in order to review post notifications. A user can view more features that windows have taken from android cell phones.

Web/PC Integration

The Android operating system has a universal search bar that enables a user to view tons of information within no time. A user can view all the accessed apps on the phone and also can search at the same time on the android cell phone. A window has come up with the universal search too, you can open the search box and when you type you can view local web results. Now users can search results on windows even leaving your desktop.

Cortina’s Virtual Assistance

It is one of the latest features that windows have ever come across with, it allows a user to include settings reminders, search the web, track the music file, tracking files on your PC, sending messages, using apps and plenty of other activities. In-short Cortina’s virtual assistance usually available on Android phones, but these days the similar feature has been borrowed by the window.

Silent Noisy Tabs: Safari Browser

Android devices or OS has its feature to use the Safari Browser in such a way that user can easily silent all the noisy Tabs within no time. Now window operating system and even the IOS devices have copied it from the android to make silent all the noisy and disturbing tabs on its OS effectively.

OS X Enlarges Mouse Pointer on Shake

An Android operating system can easily find the tiny pointer on a large desktop device, the OS x EL Capitan temporarily make bigger the arrow the time you move your navigation mouse on the android device. Similarly, the windows have taken the feature from Android and provide facility to the windows OS lovers.

Window Keyboard Let’s you Move the cursor with a swipe

Windows latest version can easily move the cursor around the screen by swiping on the keyboard with the help of finger. The feature has been used in Android OS devices and now the windows OS has come in the same fashion. It means the window OS has over the years has adopted numerous android features to fascinate its user to the fullest. The strategy of providing all these Android OS features genuinely creating an interest in the users to use windows OS to the fullest.

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