Web design

Tips for Having a Functional Web Design

Taking into account that having a website today is the most efficient business card, we must take into account some details to ensure that your website gives you the performance you have projected. The design in addition to the content is very important, as it is best to first be visually attractive; they say that “love is born from sight”.

According to a consumer study of digital media, 28% of the population spends around 4 hours on the internet while another 20% spends three hours a day watching television.

These figures give us an idea, that digital media are the most demanded and currently used.

When it comes to web design, the designer starts up his creativity to make a functional, strategic and attractive design, depending on the needs of each client, with the intention of attracting its tentative market.

Tips to consider

We show you here some points to take into account to make your website effectively.

  • Provide trust: Although the statistics say that a high percentage of the population already visits the internet to look for purchases, leisure, information, etc. We must recognize that it has its dangers and limitations, the user’s main concern is security, so a site that appears to be of dubious origin, work in providing confidence based on design is the first thing we must keep in mind.  Install SSL Certificate on the website that improves security and secure information from hackers. Because having a site that projects that transparency, can help solve the user’s search, thus reaching your goal of impacting the target market.
  • Once taking into account the trust of the site, create a structured website, which has a beginning, end and leads the client in a simple manner in the navigation, as a difficult page to understand will cause the user to leave the site, it must be a guide using color, icons, and texts.
  • Accessibility is very important, because a website that has graphics, multimedia, animation that make it heavy, no matter how visually striking it may be, the user will be frustrated with the difficulty of navigating and finding what he is looking for that what he will do is go for other options. Mostly website design UAE Company focus on this point for client’s satisfaction.
  • Graphics are paramount, because you have to generate attractive logos that are easy to remember and can help position your brand, if a customer feels identified with your brand, then show in a marked and strategic way your logos and graphics will make them an ally for you, look for well-thought places to place them that are coherent with the initial structure.
  • Responsive design, this means that it is compatible with other devices besides the computer, that the contents look the same and are adapted to a Smartphone, tablet or screens. It must be taken into account that certain animations and programming languages are no longer visible on mobile phones, in addition to being able to link it with social networks for the benefit of the client and the consumer, which generates loyalty.
  • Having cutting-edge technology on your website is a watershed since there are already platforms that contain plugins, compatibility and responsive to create functional sites, among them WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.
  • Less is more, the elements, backgrounds, colors that your page carries is not necessary to be searched, it can be simple, sober and according to the target market, you are targeting.
  • When we talk about attractive web design, it does not mean that we have to saturate it with elements such as videos, animations, and colors, it should make a harmonious, easy and understandable composition to navigate and represent everything your business is capable of providing.