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Time Management, A Niche Idea for Affiliate Marketing

Choosing a niche can be baffling, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing. There are hundreds of top affiliate marketing programs offering several niches and it’s on you to identify the one that you are most interested in and can be profitable for you. While skincare and weight loss are the major niches of all time, self-help is also among the major industries.

Self-help is reportedly an $11 billion industry in the US market alone, however, it does not mean that you will be the next big millionaire with this niche. It just means that the self-help sector is growing and being a popular niche with the top affiliate networks there’s a good earning potential from this niche. Self-help features a wide range of sub-niches such as marriage, relationships, dating and time management.

When you create a specific list of sub-niches, it’s easier for you to find out target keywords. While you can choose any sub-niche of your interest from this huge and diverse niche, for instance, stress management, dating, marriage, or relationships that are more profitable sub-niches, time management was what caught our interest due to the uniqueness of the topic.

At times, niches that are less popular and not much touched upon offer better prospects of earning compared to the competitive sub-niches. However, there should be some demand for that sub-niche. It’s all about how we manage time with our busy lives and stressful times.

Keywords Related to Time Management and Its Demand

Find a good keyword tool and enter the term “time management”. It will pull up the keywords with the top monthly search values like the search volume, trends, CPC, and competition.

For the term “time management” the top five keywords in keywordtool.io are:

  1. time management
  2. time management ppt
  3. time management essay
  4. time management skills
  5. time management for students

You can try other advanced tools also to check for variation in the target keyword.

Best Products for Time Management

This is one segment that does not have much affiliate programs. Clickbank was one of the top affiliate networks that featured time management once, but it exists n more. You can move on to check other big names like ShareASale or Commission Junction or simply search on Google for your target keywords to find products related to time management.

After some research we found the below few products for time management:

  • Amazon

Amazon.com is perhaps the most viable option among all. It features almost every product that we can think of. From a wide range of books or digital devices to physical gadgets or time management, they have it all.

It offers a 4.50% commission on books sold. Although it’s a not a great share, considering that it has a large selection of products in different categories, increases your earning potential. An audience who clicks on your time management book may even go further to buy many other items with higher commissions.

  • Tracy International

Brian Tracy is a popular keynote speaker and a personal development trainer. His courses are based on self-help topics and are designed to develop your personality, be successful and more. The best part is, his courses also cover time management which is linked to your overall personality development. The better is your time management skills, the higher your productivity resulting in a better you.

Each program has a different payout structure, however, the basic commission is 20% on Commission Junction.

  • Time Management Secrets

It may not have a great website, but the sales page is pretty convincing. The website, in fact, does a great job in covering the emotional aspects of how time management is important. You can also explore their courses that focus on how to manage time in the best way in the available digital and physical books format.

A payout is lucrative with $40 for each sale completed on downloading of the course. While you can make a neat $60 for each DVD sale, you can also grab a whopping $400 for selling the products to a bigger company.

How to Promote Time Management Products?

Now that you have shortlisted your time management products, it’s time to know how to promote them.

Strong strategy in combination with honest efforts

This will help you increase your website’s visibility over a period. Link-building is one of the major ways to increase your website’s presence. It can take a lot of time and can be frustrating at times and so, you should chalk out a strategy for link-building as you begin with site development. It’s good to start thinking about your link building plans as soon as you have chosen the products.

Be a Member with Blogs and Forums

If you are looking for tips on how to manage time better, you may as well sign up for forums like Toodledo or subscribe for blogs like Time Management Ninja and participate in the discussions. You must focus more on building relationships that can help you with valuable information in the long run than just participating for the web traffic or the backlink.

Leverage Social Media Platforms

This is the time of Social Media and so, it’s the best time to tap this segment for promoting your products. This strategy is applicable to any niche or site has given the huge number of follower base on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. While you will not just gain followers on Facebook, you can also collect the “likes” or “loves” by sharing the post as much as you can. From a GIF or an image to an infographic, it can be anything explaining the importance of time management in short.

Content Marketing is the Key

Managing content on your site requires equal attention, like any other strategy for the effective promotion of your products. Make sure that you are producing relevant content that high-quality and informative. Keeping the flow of articles regular is also crucial to keep your site prominent. For example, you can create an article on “top 10-time management sites” and review them individually helping the audience take a call.

Final Words

Your earning doesn’t just depend on the niche you select from the top affiliate networks, it’s also about the efforts behind it that matters. Whether it’s time management or any other niche, you would need a sound strategy in place and that needs to be followed diligently to be successful in the long run.

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