TheOneSpy Review 2021 – Mobile Spy for Cell Phones & Computers

TheOneSpy is the trendsetter and industry leader in the domain of spies. It has always earned the first-mover advantage, and other entities in the tracking business always followed in its footsteps. TheOneSpy, incorporated in 2011 and is proudly serving its valuable customer since its inception. It has furnished plenty of monitoring features addressing the needs of the parents and employers. The parents use the service for the purpose of spying on kids’ activities in order to protect them from any harm. On the other hand, the service is used by employers to stay aware of the whereabouts of their employees, to cope with productivity, and to safeguard business interests. Here we have a complete TheOneSpy Review.

TheOneSpy Review – Phone Tracker App

The reason to prefer TheOneSpy is that it addresses all the dimensions and dynamics of spying by all means. All the pressing issues that parents and employers can face in terms of the activities of their target users; can be extensively addressed by using TheOneSpy.

Android Tracker App Review

The Android tracking facility of the tracking app allows tracking android smartphones of the kids and employees extensively. All the activities get the clone to the end-user’s mobile phone and the end-user can take necessary actions if something inappropriate happens.

iPhone Tracker Review

TheOneSpy can track each and every bit of communication taking place over the iPhones of the kids and employees. The app is compatible to be installed on all the current versions of iOS. The app furnishes unmatched tracking services to its employees.

TheOneSpy Review – Computer Monitoring App

TheOneSpy goes an extra mile by accommodating its users with a computer monitoring facility also. The laptop/computer can be tracked for every activity. The feature is of vital importance when it comes to coping with the issues of productivity at the workplace.

Windows Spy Review

The Windows OS can be stalked for all the activities taken up through the installed apps or internet browser. The data can be monitored in real-time through the end-user’s dashboard.

Mac Monitoring Review

The Mac OS is considered as one of the most secured OS in current times, but this does apply to TheOneSpy’s R&D. The team of TheOneSpy has developed Mac monitoring facility too, which can track all the activities taking place on the device.

How to Use TheOneSpy

This phone tracker app can be used to monitor the activities of the employees or kids in real-time. In the case of Android or iPhone, all that an end-user needs are to access the device (phone or laptop/computer) of the target user physically, install the app secretly, and leave the phone.

All features will function remotely as per the end user’s choice in an efficient manner without any hassle. The clone of all the activities will be shown to the end user’s online dashboard of the app.

The app can also be used with Windows and Mac operating systems for laptops and computers.

review of theonespy

Key Features Review of TheOneSpy App

The app furnishes a number of features to the parents and employers to keep a check on their kids and employees, to maintain family balance, and to protect business interests. We will be having look at the key features here.

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Location Tracking (Mobile& Laptop)

The feature is above and beyond in all aspects. It enables the end-user to monitor the real-time location of the target user at any point of time. The app generates a log of all the locations and places visited by the target user.

The feature adds to the safety and security of the target user as well. If the target user i.e. a child, has lost connection to the parent, the parent can use this app to find the real-time location of the child.

The same is the case for the employee; if an employee is not getting in contact, the employer can use the feature to know if the employee is getting locked out somewhere or got into the hands of criminals for robbery or other offense.

Geo-fencing (Phone & Laptop)

The geo-fencing feature stands out in all aspects. The feature allows the end-user to mark allowed and forbidden zones for the target user to visit. The auto-generated log monitors all the movement according to the prescribed code, and in case of any breach of the prescribed code, the end-user is notified through email.

Monitoring All Social Media Apps (Mobile Phone & Laptop)

Monitoring social media communication is one of the most striking features. The app actively monitors and records each and every bit of communication taking place on the target phone through social networking apps.

All the apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, Viber, Snapchat, Instagram, and Tumblr can be tracked in real-time. All the group and individual chats, voice notes exchanged can be monitored. Multimedia shared and received over the chats, stories updated can be spied on with full control over all the features.

These features can also be tracked in real-time if the target user is using the apps over the laptop or computer.

The end-user can even decide to remove or retain the specific content of the app if found unsuitable for the kid or unfitting for the company’s progress.

The incoming and outgoing VoIP and video calls can be listened to in real-time through the app. These calls can even be recorded and saved to the online dashboard if the end-user is not available to monitor instantly.

The end-user can even restrict specific contact to access the target user if the communication with the respective contact is not up to the moral and ethical standards.

Surround Recording (Phone & Laptop)

One of the most promising features of the apps is surround recording. The feature bugs the mic or front or back camera of the target phone to know the real-time whereabouts of the target user if they are aligned with the family-build or corporate standards.

Monitoring Internal Storage (Phone & Laptop)

The internal storage of the target phone can be spied on without any hassle. The images and videos, contacts, appointments, calendars, browsing history, and other browser functions can be spied on with convenience.

Screen Recording (Phone & Laptop)

The screen recording feature allows recording the live activities performing on the screen of the target user. The usage of social media and the internet can be tracked and monitored in real-time.

The services of the tracking app include but are not limited to the above-mentioned features; for a detailed insight, you can visit at any point in time.

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TheOneSpy Device Compatibility Review

The app is compatible to be used with Android and iPhone devices; the app can be installed on any of the current versions of Android OS and iOS. The app is also compatible with current Mac and Windows OS versions.

TheOneSpy Pricing Review


The price range is around $25/month, $95/quarter, and $150/year.

theonespy android prices


The price range is around $35/month, $55/quarter, and $99/6month.

theonespy iphone prices


The price range is around $40/month, $60/quarter, and $80/6month.

theonespy mac prices


The price range is around $40/month, $60/quarter, and $80/6month.

theonespy windows prices

Pros & Cons of TheOneSpy Software

All the pros of using the app are discussed in detail; the only negative aspect is that the end-user needs to access the target device physically in order to get all this activity done.


A comprehensive review of TheOneSpy monitoring app is conducted, it is inferred that the app serves all the dimensions and dynamics of spying in all aspects and addresses all the needs of the parents and employers in an efficient manner.

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