TheOneSpy Review A Complete Supervision on Kids, teens Employees and on Spouses

TheOneSpy Review A Complete Supervision on Kids, teens Employees and on Spouses

TheOneSpy is a cell phone monitoring application which needs to be downloaded and installed on your particular target device. It allows the user to spy on messages, calls, keylogger, IM’s Social Media, GPS location tracking, read emails, browsing activities, phone book, Instant Alerts, remotely phone controller and license and switching. When a user installed the monitoring software on its target device, it will work under the complete secrecy and target user will have no clue that he/she is being monitored by someone.

TheOneSpy is very easy to install and has the compatibility with the Android, IOS and with blackberries devices. Now TheOneSpy is coming up with the MAC and windows as well. Its installation only requires a little time, and it will initiate its work behind the scene and don’t give a clue to the target such as kids/teens, employees, and spouses that you are monitoring them.

TheOneSpy For Kids & Teens:

Modern technology in the shape of smartphone devices such as Android, and IOS, are using kids and teens no time ever before. Parents are very concerned about kids and teens activities through the smartphone when connected to the internet. It gives access teens and kids to make accounts on social media websites and application. When they have access to the cyber world, they used to of creating multiple accounts on the digital media platforms without making some privacies and eligibility criteria. Resultantly, the online world may create a mess in their lives which they are unaware of that. The young kids and teens do texting, sexting, messaging, chatting, group chatting, share media files and visit inappropriate websites.

Furthermore, they often met with the cyber bullies, stalkers, and pedophiles on the instant messaging application such as Whatsapp, Yahoo, Viber, Line, Vine, Tinder and many others alike. The excessive use of the cellphone and digital media platforms also create plenty of health hazards and dozens of psychological issues in teens and kids personalities. Therefore, monitoring becomes necessary for parents in order to protect them from all online dangers through mobile phone devices.

TheOneSpy For Employees:

Sometimes it becomes a headache for employers when they have a number of employees and they could not be able to scrutinize their work performances along with the security of the sensitive data on company-owned devices. They usually face some serious issues regarding the productivity of a company; just because of I’ll disciplined employees who waste their times in gossips and other entertaining activities. Having a black sheep in the business organization a confidential data can be accessed and the privacy can be breached through company-owned a device which ultimately comes with the heavy losses. Sometimes business owners got complaints even from their trusted clients regarding the work delay, customer care services, goods supply and many other issues created by the lazy employees. However, the entire burden loses and last but not the least heavy criticism have to bear by the boss. The only thing which can put all worries of employers to rest is the element of surveillance on the employee’s activities. It is obvious that the element of spying hit the employees by storm especially to those who know that they are not good at their work.

Employers can deal with the employee’s performance having the powerful spy app. It empowers them to take a look at all the activities they do within the working hours. They can make a check when they use company’s owned device such as when and where they get access to the internet, whom they talking, what sort of data they are accessing, at what place they are placing their company-owned vehicles and what sort of emails they are sending and receiving and what sort of passwords they are applying on company-owned devices.

TheOneSpy for Spouses:

Technology gadgets such as smartphone devices become everyone’s first priority. The internet is making things easier for people and sometimes making lives complex and helpless. Spouse when seeing their partners don’t pay attention towards them and seems always busy with their mobile phones and suddenly hide their screen when spouse enter in their rooms. This particular move made by the spouses makes suspicious to their partners and they start looking for something authentic in order to catch them red-handedly.

The modern tech-creatures such as social media platforms, cheap texting, dating websites and easy access to the whole world is creating cyber infidelity no time ever before. Therefore, the spouse can make their suspicions clear and make their relationship strong with the help of cell phone monitoring app which has the capacity to track all the activities spouse usually does on their mobile phone device and when it is connected to the online world.

TheOneSpy need of the hour features:

There are following state of the art feature of TOS spy app for android.

  • Bug their phone:

TheOneSpy introduces it in its extreme package and it empowers a user to create a bug and then send it to the target device and then record voices and sounds heard, capture photos with the help of back and front camera.

  • SpyVidCam:

The user can make short videos of the surroundings from 15 seconds to 1 minute through target device back and front camera.

  • MIC Bug:

The user can easily record surrounding sounds from 1 minute to 120 minutes by using the MIC of the target device.

  • Cam Bug:

Capture photos remotely of the surroundings of the target device by using the back and front camera.

  • Spy on messages:

The user can spy on messages through text messages spy sent or received on the target cell phone.

  1. Text messages
  2. MMS
  3. iMessage’s Monitoring
  4. BBM Chat Messages:
  5. Heads Up Ticker Notification
  • Spy on calls:

It allows user to spy on calls as well as record all lives calls, a user also can view call history and save it over the internet along with complete time schedule.

  1. Record Live Calls
  2. View call History
  3. Save it to the internet
  • IM Social Media:

You can view all IM’s Social Media logs such as chat logs, share media files and Voice messages.

  • Facebook Messenger
  • SnapChat Events
  • Monitor Whatsapp logs
  • Whatsapp voice messages
  • Monitor Skype
  • Viber Monitoring
  • Monitor Line Logs
  • Kik
  • Instagram
  • Tinder
  • Vine
  • Hike
  • Hangout
  • Tumblr
  • IMO
  • IMO voice messages
  • Zalo
  • Telegram Voice messages
  • Yahoo messenger

monitoring software


View all the keystrokes applied on the target device and get to know the following.

  1. Password Keystrokes
  2. Messenger Keystrokes
  3. SMS keystrokes
  4. Email keystrokes
  • View multimedia files:

If the user doesn’t have a time they can make a shortcut and can get screen shots of all activates performed on the target cell phone and view gallery photos, videos and voice recording of the target device.

  1. Capture Screenshots
  2. Look at their Photos
  3. View their videos
  4. Listen to Voice Recording
  • Browsing History:

View all the visited websites on the mobile phone device and browsing history, bookmarked websites and then view appointments.

  1. Browsing History logs
  2. Look bookmarked websites
  3. View Appointments
  • View Phone Activities:

You can even view target smartphones briefly, you can see phonebook, events and task fix by the target user.

  1. View Their Phone book
  2. User’s Calendar Events
  3.  Their task logs
  • Read Email:

The user can get access into the all sent and received emails and Gmail’s account.

  1. View their Gmail
  2. View incoming and outgoing emails
  • Track GPS location:

The GPS location tracker allows user to track the exact location of the target device and complete location information.

  1. GPS Location Tracker
  2. Check GPS history
  3. View current GPS location
  4. Get weekly tracker history
  5. Mark safe and Restricted Areas
  • Remotely Phone Controller:

When a user is far away from the target device, he/she can do monitoring remotely and can block activities remotely such as block texting, the internet and incoming calls and apps.

  1. Block the internet while driving
  2. Stranger incoming calls
  3. Block texting while driving
  4. Remote Control SMS command
  5. Set monitoring preferences
  6. View installed Apps
  • Instant Alert:

The user can get the instant indicator when the target cell phone user changes SIM card.

  • Licensing and Switching:

When a user wants to change its monitoring target device, he/she can change the monitoring device keeping in mind having the same operating system. he/she can start spying with the same license, in case he/she want to change cell phone operating system such as switching from Android to IOS or Blackberry he/she have to get the new license.

  1. Switch your device
  2. Switch your License
  • Customer Service:

Feel free, if you have any query our customer support service always remain on standby in order to respond you back as quickly as possible.


TheOneSpy computer monitoring app is the world’s best spy app for android and computers which is developed for parents, employers and for spouses. It provides them the state of the surveillance features to keep an eye on their kids/teens, employees and on spouse activates and also provides them solid solutions to deal with social they are facing.


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