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Tekken 8 Wishlist

Tekken 8 game is the next in numeric order for all fans of the Tekken franchise. The franchise is worth many millions of dollars and has been adapted into a feature film as well. The full-length feature film has also been pretty well received.

The feature film’s best wishes were later subsided when the average consumer had confused it with the Liam Neeson starrer taken, which has prompted many remakes and sequels and which was also a critical and commercial success which made billions of dollars at the international box office. Two of them were also nominated for Oscars.

Interestingly, Tekken 8 is the one game which takes everything in the Tekken universe has been taken for a good spin around the block. The new game will, hopefully, take up from where the Tekken 7 game left off. The last game in the series is Tekken 7 which was published by Bandai Namco. The tone of this game is pretty gritty and the overall ethos is much the same, although much darker than before as well. Interestingly, the darker overall tone of games was only developed after the success of the movie was obvious.

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Tekken 8 Game Features

We have developed a list of features which will hopefully make Tekken 8 game a better game than most of the competitors in the fighting video game genre, which is already overcrowded and there is very little space to grow as well.

This is one f those genres which have carved out a niche of their own using varied tactics, the least of which is a very skilled marketing team. There have been reports that these games lead to violent tendencies and these reports have often been successfully backed up by psychological data as well.

Tekken 8 Wishlist

  • Our wishlist is better VR compatibility. These games are fighting games, which also mean that the genre is pretty physical. Many times we have noticed that while it is true that these games are played out on PCs or consoles, the physical charm seems a bit lost overall. In proper VR, the arms and legs of the player will be put to very good use as well, leaving behind some memories to deal with. Too many times, these games have often been played out on a flat graph of emotion which is not the ideal feeling to have in the case of Tekken 8 and games like these.
  • We all ant that the gameplay should include a lot more graphics. This is one factor which cannot be stressed more importantly. Such is the importance of gameplay that many people and many companies have been deemed successful on the level of sophistication that they have been able to impart to the game, which is always a good indicator of how much time and resources have gone behind the making and the development of the game. In any case, it is also important to remember that proper marketing of the finished product is very crucial tote survival in the long run of any game.

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