Spyera The Best Mobile and Computer Monitoring Software

Are you facing difficulties in keeping an eye on kids’ activities? Do you want to know your employees working performances? Well, we have a solution for all your concerns. At first, have to know about the Spyera and their work with core features. Therefore, read this brief Spyera review and get knowledge about this application. Spyera app is serving Android and computer devices. 

Let’s further discuss the best mobile and computer monitoring software in this review.

What is Spyera?

Spyera is software like TheOneSpy, Xnspy, OgyMogy which is capable of tracking and monitoring targeted mobile and computer devices. It serves as spying iOS (iPad, iPhone), Android (latest version of phones and tablets), computer (windows or PC’s). This app secretly finds all activities once you install the app into your targeted device. The user quickly gets access to this app and discovers all online actions of anyone they want to know. So, in this Spyera review, we let you know how it comes with excellent monitoring and cell phone tracking features.

Why you should use Spyera?

There is the hustle and bustle of technology, and we can see everyone is taking too much interest in using digital devices. But this digitalization comes with multiple online threats that need to control and overcome. Hence, the need to use spy software is peak. Therefore, parents want to keep an eye on all actions for their digital safety. Tracking apps enable you to save kids from cyberbullying, online predators, child molestation, and many more.

On the other hand, employers tracked their employee’s activities and fined their all-action without touching their devices. It makes sure that any online business threat is harmful to the organization. So, employers should use monitoring and tracking software to protect the company.

How to Get Spyera?

There are some very simple steps to install but You have to buy the app first. Also, you should have access to the target device.

  1. Go to the website of Spyera.
  2. Click on get started button.
  3. Then, select any price plan according to your demand to create an account.
  4. Then install the Spyera app into your targeted device from a monitoring perspective.
  5. Then activate with entering the pin and start the spy process.

Spyera Compatibility

Spyera is compatible with All the current versions for android phones, tablets, iPhones, iPad, Windows, and Mac devices.

Spyera Prices

Spyera always supports a reasonable price rate. This monitoring app offers you three packages at monthly or yearly prices according to your targeted devices.

  • Smartphones USD 89 per month or USD 389 per year
spyera smartphones price.
  • Tablets USD 69 per month or USD 279 per year
tablet spyera
  • Computers USD 49 per month or USD 199 per year
computer spyera
  • All in one 479 for a year
All in one spyera

Best features of Spyera Review

In this Spyera review, we discuss a variety of monitoring and tracking features that need to know. Its powerful features allow you to sneak into someone’s activities without knowing the targeted person. let’s have a look at this Spyera app review to know how Its features list makes Spyera the best among the other apps for employers and worried parents.

Social media monitoring

Spyera offers you the best feature capable of tracking the social media activities of their targeted one. You can track your kid’s social media activities or come to know the employees at their working place. This app offers you to monitor Facebook, Skype, tinder, LINE, Viber, WhatsApp, FaceTime, and Snapchat. With this app, you can find all the social activities of your targeted one secretly.

SMS Tracker

You can spy on someones text messages with one of the most demanding features of the Spyera app. It helps you monitor the conversation of your target person secretly.

Live call recording

You can listen to your targeted device’s incoming, outgoing calls in real-time. You can track the android phone calls and iPhones as well. Users can record and attend live calls by a notification SMS; that is the best thing about this feature.

Track visited websites.

Now you can know your employee’s device activities while using the official devices. This feature is capable of monitoring the device’s visited websites. You can understand what your employee is watching and kids on their devices.

Spy keylogger

You can monitor all applied keys of the targeted device. Spying key logger enables you to find the device all performance with the schedule.

Secretly record screen activities

This feature allows you to record the screen activity. You come to know the device performed action and record it. User enables to make short videos of any live screen activity they want.

Take screenshots

You can take a screenshot of their all actions and performances. The user secretly captures screenshots and saves them.

This feature allows you remotely get access the phone camera and take multiple photos. This app lets spy the cell phone gallery know they’re saving images and secretly spy all gallery data. One of the best features that make Spyera is top-ranked software compared to other apps.

Listen and record

This app enables you to access the phone Mic and allows listening to their surroundings. You can track the device and find all their conversations with voice recording.

Live location tracker

The real-time location tracker feature enables you to find the current position of the targeted device. Its GPS tracker makes it easier to find the device’s proper place and know where your targeted person is moving.

Spyera has been claimed as the best and most powerful software with all these compelling features.


In this review, we try to describe every aspect of Spyera, its features, cost, installations, and compatibility with the latest devices. This app is best for all concerned users to monitor their targeted persona and find all their activities secretly.

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