How to Spy On Android without Rooting the Cell Phone?

Technological advancement has introduced humans with several mobile phone applications and software of which we are discussing here Android spy apps and how to spy on android without rooting. The spy apps are particularly intended for parents and employers to keep track of the activities performed on mobile phones, tablets, and computer devices. 

The monitoring and tracking of mobile phone devices enable parents to safeguard their children from the threats prevailing in the digital world. Employers can track their workers’ devices to prevent them from unproductive and malicious activities. However, most of the spy applications require you to root the targeted phone to take advantage of the tracking software. This article discusses how you can use an android spy app without rooting mobile phones.

How does Android Spy App Work?

The Android monitoring application is downloaded and installed on the targeted mobile phone. After installation, the end-user of the tracking software can monitor and control that mobile phone through an online control panel or online spy app account. While most of the spy applications require your mobile phone to be rooted for successfully installing the spy app, there is a spy app that lets you monitor your kids’ and employees’ Android phones without rooting them. TheOneSpy Android monitoring app allows parents and employers to track the Android phones of their concerned ones without rooting the targeted cell phones.

What does Android Spy App do?

The Android tracking software offers a broad range of features to let the users remotely monitor and control the targeted smartphone. Given are a few core features of the Android monitoring app.

Spy on Android Messages

Do you want to know what type of messages your kids and employees transmit and receive via their Android phones? The cell phone tracking app lets you remotely monitor the text messages received and sent via the monitored Android phone. The spy app gets access to the messages stored on the monitored phone memory and uploads to the spy app online account.

By logging into that online account, you can read all the incoming and outgoing messages of your children and workforce. The spy app does not provide you with the content of the messages containing text and emoticons but it also shows the name and phone number of the message senders and receivers.

Spy on Android Calls

All the secretive phone calls of your children and workers can now be tracked with the Android spy software without getting the targeted phone rooted. You can find out if your workers are in contact with competitors or rivalry groups tracking the phone calls received and made through their Android phones. Parents can track the phone calls to ensure their kids are not being trapped by predators and bullies.

There is not any complex procedure to get the phone calls of your workers and children tracked without getting their phones in access. The spy app automatically records the incoming and outgoing phone calls of the targeted Android phones and uploads the recorded calls to the online control panel. Meanwhile, it provides call logs to let you know the detail of call time, call duration, contact number of the caller and receiver.

Track GPS Location

GPS location tracking allows parents and employers to monitor their children and remote workers. While carrier companies can track the location of their workers to make sure they are on their assigned routes, parents can find out the whereabouts of their children to ensure they are in safe zones. The Android spy app uses geo-fencing to let you mark multiple locations to be notified of your target’s entrance and exit from the marked areas.

Track Internet History

The Android spy app allows tracking the internet history to ensure your workers and children are not misusing the internet facility. The application accesses the web browsing history containing website URL, time and frequency of visiting these websites, and uploads to spy app account.

Spy on Emails

The employers and parents can track Gmail accounts of their workers and children to monitor their incoming and outgoing emails. The spy app lets you who is sending or receiving emails from your concerned individuals.

There are numerous other features the Android Spy app offers to employers and parents. You can visit the official site to know more about cell phone tracking software.

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