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6 Killer Marketing Ideas for Small Business Startups

Having a low budget is not a problem anymore when it comes to marketing. The world has changed a lot thanks to constant technological innovations.

Today, the internet has made it possible for every type of entity, whether small, medium-sized or big, to stay on the equal footing in terms of access to the market and opportunities.

Even if a business lacks the budget to spend on promotion, it can still come up with great ideas to achieve its targets and stay afloat in the market.

With channels and platforms growing by the day, money is no longer the only requirement for businesses to grow and dream big.

In fact, there are some really amazing marketing ideas that small business startups can leverage and bring home advantages.

Let’s look at some killer marketing ideas that small business startups should try to realize their true potential –

Publish Great Content

Small startups can think of publishing great content to fulfill their marketing goals as this won’t cost much. Plus, putting engaging posts across digital channels can go a long way to building a brand in an extremely cost-effective manner.

They can run a blog, update it regularly with the intention of informing, educating and entertaining their core audience.  

Content marketing is not only cheap but also greatly effective for marketing purposes. With content spreads information about your business, its products, services etc. even without having to shell out more than the meager.

More importantly, it’s the content that takes information to the audience and the more you have it on the internet, the better it will serve your marketing purpose in the long run.

Leverage Video Marketing 

A lot of small business startups create great videos and share them with the world to achieve marketing goals without spending much. Well-made and engaging videos can also catch the attention of the target audience easily and help drive the conversion rates.

You can create instructional videos with the purpose of removing the doubts or confusions of users in regard to some products or services. 

If the videos are engaging, they will definitely get the message across and gain you the much-needed attention of the target audience. It does not take much to create quality videos and you can they post them on YouTube or across social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

For better visibility. You can also share the videos on SlideShare and enhance their engagement-quotient.

Get the most out of social networks 

Social networks are your best bet for marketing when the budget is low, yet the ambitions are sky high. You can gain a lot out of these channels as the collective user-base is into millions.

The first priority should be on creating business accounts on some of the major social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. and then spread the content.

After that, you can share content in any form like text, posts, images, videos, infographic etc. through these accounts and enhance the reach of your business.

Every social channel is unique in some way and you can chalk out network-specific strategy and market your brand easily without spending much. You can ask people to like, share and comment on your content to boost their visibility further. 

Benefit from DIY Infographics

Infographics have become amazingly popular and powerful marketing tools for all types of businesses. Their visual nature and simple presentation of facts and data into attractive images make them easy to digest by the audience.

Plus, they are among the most shared content type so you can expect them to drive up referral traffic and links easily. The good thing, it does not take much of creativity to produce quality and engaging infographics

What’s more, free tools are available to make stunning infographics and giving the audience eye candy for consumption. You don’t need to hire a team of designers for this kind of marketing when you can do everything on own and achieve great marketing results.

Once the materials are ready, you can always share them with the world through social channels and other platforms and enhance the marketing potential of your start-up.  

Devise an exciting customer referral program 

Customers are always the king. The more you pamper them, the better it will be for the future of your business. They will be the reason behind the success and growth of your enterprise.

So, it’s necessary to devise a marketing plan to reward them and thank them for their effort. You can develop a customer referral program where you offer existing customers a free product or free subscription to some service.

Plus, make sure you have a marketing plan in place that rewards people for referring new customers. This will help create a network of well-wishers for your business to bring more prospects over time.

Even if the budget is low, you must have programs to dole out gifts and items for customers as this always helps a lot with marketing. Plus, you can always run online contests and get the attention of customers.

Seek Industry Partnerships

Industry partnerships always work wonders as it can multiply the potential and prospects together. Small business startups in any industry can look to team with a player in the same domain to work on a joint project.

You can do that locally offline through event marketing or can seek partnership online with a webinar. When you partner with another business which is not your direct competitor, it can get you double the notice with the same effort. 

More importantly, such partnerships can help your business get introduced to a whole new audience in the niche. Mind you, this kind of marketing always needs a lot of money as brands are ready to pay for fruitful associations.

Here, the trick is to find the right partners so that opportunities could multiply to ensure desired marketing results over time. This is how low-budget startups can find a foot in the market and look to establish themselves in a cost-effective manner.

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