Virtual Reality with Android

Setting Up Virtual Reality with Android Phones

How to setup up virtual reality with android phones is a frequently asked question among all the android users. With the advancement in technology and Virtual Reality taking up the tech-world by storm, there is much to talk about the usage of virtual reality and its benefits for smartphone users.

Luckily, most devices today support VR, and to work on it the first thing to consider is the handset as it should support VR’s functioning. Without device support, setting up virtual reality is not possible, and nowadays high-performance mobiles are anyway required for other facilities to enjoy in daily life.

Today, Android phones commonly have large QHD displays and a crisp & smooth surface that makes the VR experience even better. Not only this but for enjoying VR, a device should also have a quality processor with GPU and the latest handsets possess these. There are some basic guidelines for using VR and for first time users; here is what you need to do.

Basic Directions to Use Virtual Reality:

•    Open its app

•    Adjust handset according to the VR headset

•    Select an option

Along with these basic directions, some pointers need to be remembered while setting up and using Virtual reality with Android devices and Android app Development Company.

Check Whether Your Device Supports Virtual Reality

Not every smartphone available in the market supports VR functioning, so firstly, one needs to make sure that the handset is feasible with Virtual Reality. The latest ones in the market support it as they are made to handle large resolutions swiftly to enable better user experience.

Virtual Reality Headset

Making virtual reality to work with smartphones, your device needs to possess a headset that is feasible with VR functions.  Without an adequate headset, the VR functions would not work. If you do not have one, purchase a VR headset.

The Type of Virtual Reality Headset

Yes, the type of headset differs from one to another and with varied headset, smartphones’ setup differs too. Once the type of headset is known, we decide whether the phone’s attachment will be a slide, clip, clasp or something else.

Viewing the VR Content

After you are done with the above, you can download a few of the VR apps and access the content too. If you are using a headset different from gear VR, you need to download some apps like, ‘The Google cardboard app’, ‘YouTube’, ‘Cardboard Applications and Games’, etc.

These applications give a full VR experience; as with YouTube, you can enjoy an amazing medium of watching clear videos; users can also enjoy playing games on VR.

For a better view of the videos and content with Virtual Reality, buy a Gear VR only. It helps to enjoy watching high-end apps and games that you cannot experience otherwise. 

Key Points to Remember:

•    Smartphones offer much, but experiencing VR on a tethered PC headset is a different exposure.

•    We can watch high-resolution videos in bulk using VR, which demands better battery life. So, make sure your handset is high on mAH to enjoy longer period of experience on the virtual reality. Continuous watching of videos can even overheat your mobile, so keep a check on it.

•    Taking frequent breaks when using VR is advised as constant usage can harm eyesight.

After all these, there is another query that generally people have; where to find the VR content! It is available from Google Cardboard and the Samsung Gear VR. These provide a lot of virtual content that you can go across.

Wrapping Up:

Experiencing the computer-generated environment of virtual reality is very amazing. Getting started with a VR in the phone, there are numerous things that users get to watch and experience.

VR gives the user many adventurous experiences and with it, there is one more thing to focus upon which is how to turn the smartphone into a VR headset.

This process requires some simple steps like choosing a good VR phone, having the right VR kit etc.

These VR kit are like, google cardboard, Samsung gear VR etc.  Once you are done with these, you are all set to have an amazing time with Virtual Reality.

Once you are done with these, you are all set to have an amazing time with Virtual Reality.

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