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A Platter Of Seo Types Popular in India

Search engine optimization or SEO is modus operandi of augmentation of a website’s rankings on various search engines and thereby making sure that a particular website finds a place among the top five or six search results.

Every content creator wants his/her website to gain visibility and popularity, and so does every business enterprise. This results in swelling and surging of their profits.

In a world where there is a mad rat-race to lead, every business wants to be popular among its consumers.

In a tech-centric world, a higher search engine ranking adds a feather to the website’s cap.

There are three prevalent SEO Service In India techniques

  • White hat SEO
  • Black hat SEO
  • Grey hat SEO

White Hat SEO

As the name suggests, this is an ethical or organic form of SEO technique. This incorporates tactics that comply with search engine rules and policies that focus on increasing traffic through a website.

Though it is a time-consuming process, it leads to a long-lasting growth in website rankings. SEO techniques make use of keywords, link building strategies to improve the popularity of the links, research, backlinking, website HTML optimization, deep research, and some manual outreach.

A search engine evaluates the content in a website in a manner that is similar to how a human reader will. It involves certain algorithms that check whether the website has original content and how much it is relevant to the searched keyword. It also tries to determine whether a given website is a trusted and reputed source. It also tries to determine whether a given website is a trusted and reputed source.

Black Hat SEO

This is a type of SEO technique that leeches on Achilles heel of an algorithm to get higher ranks for websites. Black hat SEO is not by the protocol set by various search engines. Therefore, it is also called unethical technique. It provides quick, unpredictable and short-lasting growth in a site’s ranking.

If a person uses this method, then there is a high probability that his/her site might be included in the blacklist of that search engine. The black hat SEO techniques include spamming a particular site with links, stuffing it with keywords and hidden texts and using private link networks. It is also called spamdexing, as spamdexing is a popular practice of this SEO technique.

Grey Hat SEO

This is a type of SEO service In India technique which is a combination of black and white approach where black masquerades as white. It includes 95% of white approach with only 5% of black hat technique.

This ratio must not be distorted, or else it might lead to a ban on your site by search engines and their affiliate sites. Clickbait is a common form of this method. Clickbait is an attractive looking link, serving as a siren, which lures the consumer to click it.  

This approach is mainly used when there is a lot of pressure from the creator’s side to increase the popularity of his/her site that lasts for a longer duration and is attained within a short period.

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