Secure your Wireless Network

How to Secure your Wireless Network?

We tend to understand the threats first and then to protect our network against intruders. It is quite tough to handle and control the hacker attack especially when our network is wide open with a lack of security details network name and password.

Wireless security is important to everyone and all are concerned and worried about it. It will be very easy for intruders to enter into your network without your permission whenever you pay to go bills online, watch online videos, and download lots of stuff from the Internet, etc.

Netgear Extender Setup can be at risk even though you complete the process of configuration in presence of public WiFi network.

The wireless security in today’s world has become as essential as breathing in everyone’s life. Every human being has a right to live hack free and threat free life.

That is the reason why users want firewall security to secure their system. Lets us have a look at some valuable steps that you can take to padlock and fasten down your entire wireless network and devices.

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1. Enable WPA2 Security on your Wireless Device

Several years have passed, if you haven’t make changes on your device, it is clearly seen that you are using the most outdated wireless device and the same security etc. Such devices give an open opportunity to the hackers to enter into their network and steal their confidential data, files, and money.

WiFi protected WPA2 is the current and up-to-date security, which is much more hacker-resistance like your modern devices are water-resistance these days.

Now, depending about your existing device, you are supposed to upgrade its firmware and provide WPA2 security. If you can’t follow the process, you might want to switch to a new device that supports a secure wireless security.

2. Never use universal network name and password (SSID)

It may threat you to know that hackers consist of the list that has more than 1000 common wireless network names and you might be on top of their list. In case you SSID is seen on their list evidently than only Netgear Genie Setup page will save you from such thrashing situation. You don’t have to follow a long procedure to visit the page. Just grab your smart device and go into it by the means of mywifiext by taking the help of any preferred web browser.

Hackers do have formed a custom Rainbow Table that is used to ruin your wireless security that you have provided to your devices and networks with hopes. So, make your security details as strong in case any intruders try to access it, they pull up their hairs and give up.

3. Craft Extra Strong Pre-Shared key (wireless network password)

A short length and easy password that is full of dictionary words is more likely and possibly be crazed as compared to the longer one. Lengthy passwords are superior because the Rainbow Tables that are created by hackers are no longer left to hack them after you beat the definite piece of your password. If you have now changed your mind to change the wireless network password and exceed its length from 8-16 then it will be interest you to know that you have plenty of room to get a imaginative password because the pre-shared key has given us the strength for about 64 characters for WPA2-PSK. It may seem like a royal pain to hack for intruders.

4. Enable the Security of Network Firewall

Most wireless devices have in-built firewall security that can be helpful or users to keep hackers out of their home network. So, you are supposed to enable such securities and see the manual steps or contact Netgear Customer Support Executive for more assistance.

5. Disable the Feature Admin Via Wireless on your Device

Preventing your device and networks from hackers is now in your hand. Just take the access of the administrative features by turning them off the configuration settings “admin via wireless”.

Turning of such feature guarantee that someone who is associated with your device via Ethernet cable can easily contact the administrative and executive feature of your device. This also prevents from turning off the wireless security feature and firewall on all your smart devices and network.

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