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Learn to Resolve Browser Issues and Boost Speed in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

There was a time when we used to lead our life without technology. We hardly had any idea or knowledge about technology and its importance in our life. But now no one is there who could think about his/her life without using technology.

The web browser is one such great invention of this latest technology that is omnipresent in our daily lives. The web browsers are basically software that can be used as an access point for the users to the World wide web.

With the help of the browsers, you can easily browse your favorite sites, load the web pages faster and help you to navigate several contents and many more. The best part is that web browsers can be easily used, secured and does not require more space for its interface.

Now both the consumers and businesses are using web browsers to get a smooth and seamless experience. A browser is a key component for the success of any company. Now there are several popular browsers available such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and others which are best known for its compatibility and advanced features.

Despite all these benefits, sometimes you might notice that the web browsers are running slow or it sluggish. Mostly it occurs due to the lack of maintenance. So, if you see your web browsers are getting slow down day by day and looking for effective solutions to fix this problem then this page will help you to do so.

Best Ways to Increase the Speed of  Your Web Browsers:

Here in this section, we will provide some simple tweaks to improve the speed of some of the popular web browsers. So, if you are using any of these browsers, then follow these tips and try to speed up the performance of your web browsers.

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the popular web browsers that is used across the world. But sometimes it becomes inactive and disturbs your workflow. So, apply these below-mentioned methods and improve the speed of Google Chrome.

Verify Your Internet Connection

Sometimes your internet speed can be the culprit that can make your browser slow. So, check the internet connection and measure its speed before you blame Google Chrome. If it’s slow, try out the necessary steps and make internet connection up and running.

Upgrade Google Chrome Browser

In case you are using an outdated chrome browser, then probably your browser would require an update. Every day developers are adding new features and launching new versions of the browsers that would help to improve the performance of your web browsers as well as have security fixes. So, updating your chrome to the latest version might help you to fix this problem.

Use Chrome Cleanup Tool

The chrome cleanup tool is a program that has been designed by Google. This is an inbuilt Chrome tool that helps to detect those unwanted programs that your antivirus is unable to catch. Hence, you can easily run this program by following these steps.

  • Navigate to Chrome’s Settings
  • Go to the bottom and click the Advanced button.
  • Select the Clean Up computer and run the program. Now, it will detect the software that is slowing your browser if any.

Unload Tabs that You Do Not Require

If you open several tabs at the same time, this might slow down your browser. So close all the tabs that you are not using and bookmark them for later. Remember to load them when you would require them.

2. Firefox

Firefox is another great browser that provides you with a similar kind of speed that you would get from Google chrome. But sometimes due to various reasons, you might see its decreasing speed. In case you want to get a stable speed for the Firefox browser, then check out these steps.

Make Sure the Hardware Acceleration is Enabled

If the hardware acceleration of the new Fire Quantum is not enabled by default on your computer that you could find the slow browser.

  • Navigate to about: preferences.
  • In general, go down and click on the Performance tab.
  • Remove the checkmark from the Use recommended performance settings box.
  • Give a tick mark on the Use hardware acceleration when available

Disable Accessibility Services

With the help of the Accessibility services, the new version of firefox will track your browser. But if you do not use assistive technologies for physical impairments, then you should disable it or else it might drop the performance of your browser. Here are the steps that you need to follow to disable this feature.

  • Navigate to the about preferences and then Privacy & Security.
  • Now, go to the bottom and click on the Permissions tab.
  • Give a tick mark next to the box Prevent accessibility services from accessing your browser
  • Next click on the Restart option when you are asked to do so.

Delete Built-in Firefox Add-ons

By deleting all the built-in firefox add-ons, you can boost the speed of the firefox browser. Here we are mentioning a few of the tweaks that you can start with-

  • In about:config, set reader.parse-on-load.enabled to False
  • In about:config, set reader.parse-on-load.force-enabled to False
  • In about: config, set browser.pocket.enabled to False
  • In about: config, set loop.enabled to False

3. Safari

In case you want to get the fastest and most efficient browsing experience, then Safari can be the ideal option for you. But unfortunately, it is unable to meet your expectations and becomes unresponsive. So let’s find out how you can increase the performance of a sluggish Safari.

Reboot Your Mac

Restart is one of the best solutions that can fix many of your big problems. In case you see your Safari browser is not up and running, then reboot your Mac device and see if the problem gets resolved or not.

Remove Cache and Temporary Files

When you visit different web pages through the Safari browser, the associated data is kept by this browser. As a result, you get performance problems with your browser. So the best way to resolve this issue is to clear all the cache and temporary files from your browser.

Update Mac Operating System

If you want to get good speed for your Safari browser, then do not forget to upgrade your macOS. Developers add a bundle of new features of Safari on the latest version of macOS that will help you get faster and speedier browser experience.

Wrapping Up…

Hopefully, the aforementioned solutions will help you to boost the speed as well as the performance of the web browsers. In case you are using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any other browsers and getting issues with their speed then apply these solutions to fix the issue as soon as possible.

You can also contact your nearest IT Support Service if you need any advice or suggestions. Now there are plenty of service centers across the world that can help you to solve your browser problems. So if you live in Dubai and are looking for a reliable service center, there are many available for you.

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