QuickBooks Error 5502: Which is to be Solved?

QuickBooks error code 5502 occurs when QuickBooks fails to connect to the server. On the arrival of the error, you can see any of the error messages on the display: “Sync isn’t completed nicely” or “QuickBooks data has been uploaded, however, failed to connect through the server”. There are multi-faceted reasons that can evoke error 5502 in QuickBooks. To repair the error, it is critical to be aware of the possible reasons in the back of the error. Study this blog until the give up to discover a few effective solutions to eliminate QuickBooks online login.

Possible reasons behind QuickBooks Sync error 5502

QuickBooks error 5502 can take area due to numerous reasons that you may check from the below-given listing:

  • Exchange in company’s report augmentation
  • An expansion report.QBB has been physically renamed in Mac
  • Faulty renaming of enlargement records in windows consisting of, .QBM, .QBB, or.QBX 
  • When harm exists in the QuickBooks company file, you may see errors code 5502 in QuickBooks
  • While operating on a file located in USB’s blaze drive

A way to Troubleshoot QuickBooks error Message 5502?

To clear up the error: 5502, follow the below-given approaches with the utmost interest:

Solution 1: Rename The .ND file

Network statistics (.ND) file is a configuration file in QuickBooks application that enables the program to access the file on the network. To fix damaged .ND file, observe the beneath-given steps:

  1. Navigate to the folder containing QuickBooks company file and open it
  2. Now discover the corresponding network file with extension .ND
  3. Right-click .ND file and select Rename
  4. Add the. Old at the last of the file name

Check if the QuickBooks error is resolved. If not, circulate to the subsequent solutions. 

Solution 2: Run QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Scan your file using the QuickBooks Database Server manager. In case, you’re the usage of the file over the network, comply with the beneath-given steps:

  1. Press windows key for your keyboard
  2. Hit QuickBooks Database Server manager
  3. Click on add Folder, and it’s going to display Browse Folder
  4. Select the folder in which your company file is stored and then hit ok
  5. Click scan and then re-open your enterprise file to test the status of Intuit error code 5502.

Solution 3: Create a new Folder & copy the company file

To finish this process, the below-given set of steps can assist:

  • Create a new folder for your desktop after which copy the organization file in this newly created folder
  • Right-click on the file to Rename and change the file extension to QBM
  • Now launch the QuickBooks application and repair all your portable files
  • Rename the extension of the faulty enterprise file 
  • Restore all your backups
  • If the file with the extension .QBX continues to be now not beginning, rename it
  • Attempt to install the latest version of the Sync manager

If the Intuit error code 5502 keeps to trouble you, follow the next troubleshooting approach.

Solution 4: Uninstall & Reinstall QuickBooks application

If the corrupt installation of the QuickBooks software is promoting error code 5502, restoration it with the aid of following the underneath-given steps:

  1. Uninstall QuickBooks application in the first place
  2. Now rename the installation folder to continue further
  3. Download and install QuickBooks and take a look at the reputation of the QuickBooks error 5502 and if you have any problem related to QB contact Quickbooks customer service number.

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