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Pornography Abusing Teen’s Online – Infographic

Things are quite ugly and clumsy and you won’t believe that teens are watching porn these days’ online using cell phones and gadgets connected to the cyberspace.

Parents, on the other hand, are shocked and seem helpless to stop their teen’s sexually explicit activities in terms of watching porn online. Almost 42% of the internet users between the age of 10 -17 are obsessed with online porn and pocket porn is one of the huge dilemmas, CNN reported that.

Moreover, 66% of the teens say they watch porn accidentally and they were not searching for pornography at all, according to the study by the University of New Hampshire and published in Pediatrics.

Elizabeth Schroeder a sexuality expert who used work with the schools, teens, and parents and even with the organization says “parents don’t need to shock if there kids and teens are accidentally got engaged with the porn. However, parents need to do things to stop teens from watch pornography online. However, parents need to do things to stop teens from sought pornography online.

How teens perceive online porn? 

  • 57% of teens do search for porn online at least once in a month
  • % of male teens and 32% of female teens accidentally or willingly watch porn

How teens exploit to pornography online?

  • Pop –up ads
  •  Miss Directed links
  • Miss directed emails
  • Social Media sexually explicit profiles

How Porn online harming young teens?

  • Porn addict young teens got depression and behavior issues
  • Porn addiction  among teens cause low self –esteem

Pornography stats among teens online

  • 372 people type “adult” queries on web
  • 2858 users are watching porn including teens

How parents can stop teens from porn addiction?

  • Monitor teen’s digital activities on cellphones and PCs
  • Monitor teens browsing activities
  • Set parental control on teen’s online activities
  • Record cellphone calls, monitor text messages and remotely control teen’s activities online

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