Top 10 Most Popular Linux Apps in 2018

Top 10 Most Popular Linux Apps in 2018

Well everyone knew that the Linux is an open source platform and it also provides you to get and download free Linux apps. So, no one will pay if they have got the free applications, so the truth is with Linux. Let’s discuss the top 10 most popular Linux apps in the year 2018. These applications are downloaded by the Linux users to the fullest.

Top 10 most popular Linux apps in 2018


You may know that Linux distros such as Ubuntu come with its own flashy app stores; nothing is user-friendly and easy to get their hands on as Synaptic. It is simply useful for graphical fronted for the ‘apt-get’ command line utility. The user can easily get it via the web on any Debian –based Linux distros such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint.

You can browse categories of apps such as video games, with the pane on the left-hand side. You can click on the box very next to the app for installation and then make a click to apply button at the top to make changes in effects. All the things covered in this feature can be accessed through Synaptic.

VLC Media Player

It is commonly known as a media player, but it does much more. Once a user has installed it, then downloads codes online for every type of audio and video file, it means you will not face any sort of playback issues back and forth. It is capable of playing DVDs as well. You can use it for clip video files and you can change the files into the one format to another. It can act as the server and allow you to stream media from one device to another. You can go to it full guide and use it further effectively.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is basically a default web browser and useful for plenty of Linux distros for example as Ubuntu and Linux Mint. It has very simple and user-friendly interface as one of its number of attractions. It is capable of playing YouTube videos right off the bat and the user can also download the plugins to play the number of other formats for you. You can update the browser all time with its latest updates. It improves your web experience with the help of its number of extensions.


GIMP OR GNU Image Manipulation Program is basically free image editor. It is handy to edit and retouch images by resizing, add layers and number of other special effects. A user can get access with the help of toolbox or through the drop-down menu. You just need to use GIMP here. GIMP website is a reliable source for the selection of tutorials.

In case you are accustomed to Adobe Photoshop, it takes for a while to adjust to GIMP’s interface; however, it is capable of doing almost anything that a professional image editor can do.


Most of the Linux distributions come up with a BitTorrent client; Deluge is considerably capable of downloading your files. You can easily use this software and can enhance your experience with robust community supported plugins which is capable of doing thing such as shutting down your machine the moment the download has come to an end. A user can set up Deluge as accessed through the web on other devices and enable you to download your desired files on our particular computer device when you are away.


It is the powerful and modern-day email client. Its set up teaches you the entire process of creating a new email address or it can enable a user to set up already existed one. Its database contains settings for all common providers, and users are free to add as much as emails to the account.


It is nothing less than a full-blown office suite, especially when it comes to the alternatives such as Microsoft office. The interface of the application seems quite a basic one, the products have the number of advanced features.


It is basically an instant messaging program that enables a user to connect with the more than one network at the same time.  It has included AIM, Bonjour, IRC and Google Talk to name but a few. However, Facebook chats are not available anymore the time the social network has stop support for the open XMPP messaging protocol.


Though the Linux devices cannot be affected easily with viruses and to infect the windows, however, your PC may forward some files to other computing machines such as email attachments. The antivirus scanner ClamAV provides some peace of mind because it can trace out the number of types of malware. On the other hand, CalmTK enables you to scan your system and another number of individual files with the help of a couple of clicks.


Audacity is a program that enables a user to record and tinker with audio. It is capable of recording of audio, but also has power at the same time from virus inputs such as USB microphone; we can trim and edit the clips with the help of Audacity. It has the ability to support more than one track, allow the user to record the lyrics and backing music separately.

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