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Use the Online Loan App for Getting An Instant Approval

Do you want to have a home in the city that you can call your own? You don’t have to worry at all! If you are a salaried individual with a strong CIBIL score and repayment and income history, you can get a home loan conveniently and move into your dream home.

A home loan from a leading online lender can let you grab up to Rs. 10 crores at a lower rate of interest. It is because it’s a secured loan, which means you need to keep collateral or security to get loan approval.

Sometimes, despite having loan eligibility, some borrowers don’t apply for a home loan due to complex formalities and documentation involved.

However, lenders are now offering the facility of online loan apps in India to make loan approval a hassle-free process. You can just download the loan app of your lender and apply for a home loan. You can also manage home loan account and avail many more financial services, right via online loan app on your mobile phone.

If you are yet to experience an online loan app to avail a home loan or any other loan, here is a post to help you explore more.

Ways you can use a loan app for availing financial services:-

  • Apply for the home loan and other loans- It is the time to start using the online loan app of a leading lender to fill an online loan application form and get approval super quick. You don’t need to visit a lender physically and face hurdles in securing loan approval. If you can match lender’s eligibility, then you can also get a loan sanction easily. To check your exact loan eligibility, you can check your home loan eligibility calculator in advance. It will help you apply for an eligible loan amount to get a hassle-free approval. Not only home loans, but you can apply for personal loans, business loans, and more on a loan app.

  • Track loan detailsMonitoring loan progress is now easy as you can do that on your smartphone via a loan app. You can download loan statements for reference purposes.

  • Pay loan EMIs online- Pay EMI online for home loans and other ones are  easier as you can do that by tapping on the right buttons.

  • Easy prepayments and foreclosure- Home loans involve large amount and run for a longer duration, which may impact your income for a long time. Hence, people make some prepayments to bring down principal and interest rate to make way for lower EMIs. Some borrowers also like to foreclose loan account before the tenor to become free of its burden. Hence, such facilities can now be easily availed on the loan app. The good thing is that most lenders don’t charge a penny for such financial services.

  • Avail pre-approved loan offers- Lenders also offer you some pre-approved loan deals that can help you opt for them without facing formalities and securing approval within a short time. A loan app can also offer you this facility.

With digital life being embraced in India, it is good to apply for a home loan and get approval via an online loan app on your smartphone.

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