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SEO ON the Page & SEO OFF the Page what is the difference?

Search Engine Optimization basically has two sides that every SEO aspirant should know about.  first one is On Page SEO & off page SEO. In case you are looking forward to enhancing your search engine rankings, and then you should know about the difference between the two to the fullest. However, you have to get started with the basics principles of the SEO and how search engine algorithm works?

There are two main focusing points where search engine evaluate to your site as compared to others on the web.

  • On –Page SEO
  • OFF –Page SEO

Ranking of your website is largely associated with on-page factors, but how highly you can rank in the search results are largely based on off –page factors.

SEO On The page in a nutshell

It is also known as on-site SEO. It helps you out to optimize the different parts of your websites andultimately you will be able to raise your search engine rankings. It is a kindof practice that makes you capable of to get control over in terms of making changes on your own website. There are following factors that include in SEO on–site.

Title Tags

All you need to do is to put the keywords in the title tag of each and every single page on your site. You have to make some practices in terms of writing to make the title tag a very effective one.

Headings Tags

You probably have noticed headings are the largest and a word on the page of any site and for the reason, the search engine gives more importance to it. Therefore, you need to make a little more effort to add target keywords into the headings on each page of your webpage and further place it naturally and accurately that reflect your content on the page.

URL Structure

You should put keywords into URLs as much as it is possible for you. However, you should not change the entire URLs o the name of putting keywords in them. There is no need to change the old URLs but when it comes to redirecting your old keywords. You further can consult or can have the opinion of an expert.

ALT text for images

When you are dealing with the CMS or content Management system it will empower you to called alt text to all images at your website. This particular text is not to view for all visitors–alt text actually for screen reader software in order to blind cyberspace users to understand the content of your images. The search engine hovers over to images in similar fashion. Therefore, you need to add relevant keywords while elaborating the image. It will help out the search engines to understand your page’s content.

Fast page loading

Google help out its user to provide user best and exciting user experience and further you can optimize the particular web page. Therefore, you can use some tactics friendly to the search engine to rank higher and faster at the results of the search engine.

Page Content

The entire content on yourparticular pages should be useful for the visitors. In case they are looking for something specific on the page, they should find what they are searching for. So, you need to add the content easy to read and give valuable informationto the users. Google has plenty of ways to give value to your content if itreally useful.

Internal Linking building

You have to build internal links to other pages on your website that makes very useful to your website to your visitors and it also becomes handy for the search engine.

What is OFF page SEO?

OFF page SEO is helpful to increase the authority of your websites by getting links from other websites related to the niche of your websites. But the best strategy you should know the analogy for how authority visitors kind works.

You can understand it, suppose you have a little bathtub and you have put rubber ducks in it. So suppose the ducks are your pages and the water you are putting in the tub are links. The more you at the water into the tub, the more ducks rise on the water (links).


Therefore, On-page SEO and OFF page SEO are equally important for the website. One is to optimize the different parts of the websites including content and pages and another one is to increase the authority.

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