OgyMogy Review 2021: Your Complete Phone Tracker Guide

Parenting has never been an easy job for parents. It is a moral obligation for parents to keep them safe online. Therefore a parental control solution is necessary that tracks all of their devices, including phones and PC. Digital parenting over the years is the biggest challenge for parents to make sure the safety of the children on the web.

Therefore, parents somehow can manage to set parental control on kids through mobile and PC parental control applications. Over the years being a tech-geek I have tested plenty of applications and have found OgyMogy the top cross-platform performer in my testing and I would recommend this application to watch the kids’ activities directly on the digital phones and computing devices.

Before we are going to OgyMogy review the app that is best for parental monitoring you need to know about the following.

Why Choose OgyMogy Mobile and PC Parental Control Software?

Kids these days are getting involved in all sorts of mischief on their mobile phones and PCs. Therefore, parents should get their hands on the parental control app for mobile and computer devices. These kinds of applications give you peace of mind that your kids are safe from cyber predators and adult content.

 You cannot watch your kid’s internet usage directly, but the parental tracking app empowers you to do it remotely after you have installed it on the target device. OgyMogy is the best parental control for kid’s online safety because it is user–friendly and packed with dozens of features that can keep the tab of children on cellphone and computing devices.

 You can record live phone calls; filter the content, block calls, random messages, and track internet history. However, it can also track the GPS location of the kid’s hidden whereabouts. It means you can make your choice for parenting online better than ever before.

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How to Use OgyMogy Mobile & PC Parental Monitoring App?

Do you want to monitor and track kid’ mobile and PCs, you need to get the service of the best parental control application, in addition to mobile and PCs. To get rid of parental concerns you have to have the subscription to a parental tracking tool that discovers kids all sorts of mischief on the cellphones, either on purpose or by accident.

 Once you have the subscription an email is sent to you. Now you can get physical access on the target cellphone device or PC and start the process of installation. Once you completed the installation process then activate it on the target device. However, keep in mind you get separate subscriptions for mobiles and PC respectively. Now use the credentials and get access to the dashboard. Further, parents can get access to the features of mobile and PC parental tracking. You can use the features and upload the information on the dashboard. You can analyze the information and get to know what your kids are up to.


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OgyMogy Mobile & Parental Control Application Key Features

The application is subdivided into two products for mobiles, in addition to that PCs.  Therefore, we are going to discuss the parental control phone tracker features for mobile and PC separately.

OgyMogy Mobile phone Tracker App Features

Call Recording

Users can record live phone calls on kids’ mobile phones by setting parental control through a secret call recorder tool. Users can listen to the live incoming and outgoing calls and save data on the dashboard.


Users can capture screenshots remotely from the target phone screen but they have to schedule screenshots via an online web portal.

Screen Recording

Users can record the live mobile screen of the children by activating the screen recorder through the web portal. You can record live short videos of the screen and send it to the dashboard.

GPS Location Tracking

Parents can use these features to trace out hidden whereabouts of the teens and kids in real –life with pinpoint accuracy, in addition to that location history.

Social Media Monitoring

Parents can set parental control on kids’ and teens’ online activities in terms of social messaging apps. It enables you to read the text messages logs, conversations, Voice calls audio-video, and voice messages.


Parents can monitor and track applied keystrokes on the target device likewise, password keystrokes, messenger, messages, and email keystrokes.

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OgyMogy PC Parental Control App Features

Block Websites

You can block adult and inappropriate websites running on the target PC of your child remotely. You just need to put the URLs of the objectionable websites into the filters.

Browsing History

Parents can set parental control on laptop and desktop PCs running up to the latest Windows versions. In addition to that get the visited websites and bookmarked webpage via an online dashboard.

Window Location Tracking

Parents can install a parental surveillance app for PCs on the kid’s laptop devices filled with private data, and it helps out parents to track the location of the loss or theft laptop device via an online dashboard.

View Installed Applications

Users can get to know about the installed applications on the target laptop or desktop windows device, and it appears in a list.

Keystrokes Logger

Users can get the keystrokes used on the PC like password, messages, and messenger and email keys.

Surround Recording

Users can record live surround sounds and conversations by tacking control over the microphone of a laptop PC using the OgyMogy mic Bug app.

OgyMogy Phone & PC Parental Software Device Compatibility

The parental monitoring app for mobile and PC support all kinds of cellphones, tablets, and laptop desktop devices running with Android and Windows operating systems. Users can use it on the latest OS versions 10, and above phones, in addition to that all versions of PCs.

Pros of OgyMogy Parental Control Solution

  • Separate online web portal
  • Best for digital parenting
  • Remote un-install is available
  • Use on android phones without rooting
  • The ultimate tool to monitor windows PCs
  • Easy to install & navigate on target phones & PCs

Cons of OgyMogy Parental Tracking Solution

  • Remote installation is not possible
  • It is not compatible with iOS devices

OgyMogy Review Conclusion:

We have done the OgyMogy review that clearly says that there is no other better Mobile and PC prenatal control app in the business these days. It enables parents to keep an eye on their phone and laptop activities directly.

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