Why Aren’t People Making Mobile Technology Enough For Businesses?

The life that one is leading this age is very different from the ones lived by the past generation.

Everything is tech fast, linear, and singular to enable ease of convenience and non-fragility.

Anything can be fastly processed and become something of a good serving, ranging from fast food noodles to gaming consoles.

Bewilderment is the single word for the kind of technology evolutions that once can witness.

The launch of the first Smartphone in 1992 by the tech giant IBM in the USA paved a large way for others to follow suit, ambitiously.

What many couldn’t fathom at that time is that this would bring such ease of revolution in varied means.

Now, its leaner version also called as the Smartphone is under heightened trend giving features like:

  • High pixel image resolutions with multiple cameras
  • GPS navigation device
  • Web browser
  • Gaming console
  • Mobile phone for calls
  • Dual SIM card holding facility
  • Instant messaging
  • Voice mail
  • Scanning of documents
  • Caller ID
  • Instant sharing of information

A device using mobile technology with not much weight, fragile, and sturdy at the same time, is for the rampant use by companies.

The use of a Smartphone is not only for calls but also for other functions of a business leading to much cost-saving and convenience.

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Mobile technology is the application of engineering and scientific knowledge to enable extensive cellular communication between people.

It is a way of imparting and disseminating information to facilitate even mobile computing with wireless networking.

For making use of this technology, Smartphones are used to convey or transfer any information.


Also called as agile technology, if explored deeply can enable a business to gain immensely over the long run.

Following are the uses of mobile technology in conducting business transactions:


Nowadays every mobile phone is capable of getting connected to the banking services in the form of mobile payment banking systems.

This makes use of QR CODES for authenticity and reliability in payments.

A revolution to endanger the services of banking officials as with just some clicks money gets transferred from one’s account to another’s.

However, for this to become a huge hit, the payment gateway provided should not be evasive.

It should be fraud-proof with nil scope for any illegitimate intrusions and stealth of one’s monetary resources.


If mobile technology is used along with the implementation of:

  • Software as a service (SAAS),
  • Cloud computing,
  • Systems Applications and Products (SAP),
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), etc

Then the level of business transactions will be raised to a better level.

 Through mobile technology, getting access to a centralized database accessible from anywhere anytime is possible, leading to:

  • Speed of information dissemination
  • Sending of documents
  • Scanning of documents
  • Less paperwork
  • Quick decision making
  • Better Control and surveillance
  • Timely and real-time status visibility and updating
  • Conference calls meetings
  • GPS, mapping and tracking


The internet services in the Smartphone enable the downloading of various applications or apps which are useful in conducting many basic business tasks.

Various apps are freely available in the play store for facilitating filing of forms, scanning of documents, creation of budgets, etc.

These are very easy to use to save a lot of time and even costs which would otherwise have been spent on a professional to complete these business tasks.

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