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Top 7 Mobile App Analytics Tools to Checkout 2019

With the growing mobile app ecosystem, enormous mobile app analytics tools have been exploded in the market. Using these tools, professional app developers and app marketers can comprehend their users and enhance the user experience, inform the product road map, and boost the revenue of their business.

Moreover, the app analytics tools are occupying a significant space in the market, helping businesses to expand their business. However, there are lots of tools that are designed for niche use cases, whereas, some of the other covers the complete stack from marketing attribution to in-app analytics and app store optimization.

Among these tools, you can find both free as well as paid apps starting from free to thousands of dollars. If you are looking forward to analyzing your application, you can check out the below-mentioned tools.

Top Mobile App Analytics Tools of 2019


Today, Fabric is the most advanced platform that helps your mobile team to develop better applications, comprehend your users, and expand your business. It is a tool for developers that originally built by Twitter and acquired by Google. With Fabric, you can easily get real-time data on crash reporting and analytics.

It will also provide alerts on issues and problems that might affect your app performance so that you can take proactive steps to maintain app availability. It becomes much easier for you to track active users in-app for real-time and slice user activity data any way you want. You can inject live social content to increase user engagement. You can easily optimize your onboarding flow and boost retention.


Piwik is free of cost and highly customizable open-source analytics platform that is known for data ownership: you keep all your user data instead of channeling it to third party services. This feature also guarantees the privacy of user data.

Piwik is one such tool that is taking some time and expertise to get it working on your system. However, this tool is completely customizable and extensible, which can be hosted either on your own infrastructure or on Piwik owned cloud.

In addition to this, the tool delivers SDKs for iOS, Titanium, and Android. Now, you can get detailed information on active user numbers, device information, demographics, and performance of your app.


Devmate is the most powerful mobile app management and distribution platform that delivers detailed analytics, complete marketing metrics, and real-time conversion ratios. This tool makes use of three different types of metrics, including a viz. number of visits, sales, and downloads.

To make reports on revenues, refunds, funnel performance and conversion rate, this tool tracks complete data and information. The attribution reporting of DevMate lets you know that marketing campaigns are driving the highest traffic, sales, downloads and delivers you the download to sales, and visits to sales conversion rates.


Flurry is the most advanced mobile app analytics platform that provides you metrics on your ad performance and detailed user acquisition reports. This tool has solutions for all mobile devices, not just iOS and Android.

The lightweight SDK of this tool is completely easy to install, so you can begin with data right away. You can check data for multiple apps at one single time and get a full view of performance for your company.

You can compare the Android and iOS versions of multiple apps to give answers of different question like which are some of the apps operating systems that driving the most in-app purchases?


Mixpanel is a feature-rich tool that can be easily accessed by non-technical people as well. Using this tool, people can create custom queries without knowing SQL. The tool’s advanced interface enables users to section your users and check out which sections are working amazingly.

No matter whether you are an executive, data scientist or product manager, you will get a comprehensive range of tools that are specially tailored to your product questions.

Google App Analytics

Make use of Google App Analytics tools for mobile apps to easily measure and optimize user acquisition and engagement with mobile applications. This high-end tool comes with easy-to-use SDKs and reports that specially designed with software developers in mind.

Using this tool, you can comprehend various users in your app, their characteristics and where they come from.

Measure in-app payments and revenue of your app and you can also customize reports to easily specify them to your business. Moreover, the tool also provides the following data:

  • Session Duration
  • Operating Systems
  • Geography
  • Device Models


AppsFlyer comes with an advanced attribution platform that is highly useful for you to tie app installs back to every marketing campaign and media sources. It also claims marketing analytics features that allow you to run impression and cost reporting by crunching the impression and click data sent by ad networks and media sources right directly to the dashboard.

The tool allows you to figure out the ROI of your advertising. You can measure the omnichannel impact of mobile marketing by tying in data from BI or CRM systems and find out the LTV of acquired app users on a channel by channel basis. You can download raw data through a push API or email so that you can run your own offline analysis.

These are the top 7 mobile app analytics tools of 2019 that you can use and analyze your application. With these tools, you can track everything about your app and make it more powerful to get the desired success.

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