What is Linux Operating System?

What is Linux Operating System?

Linux operating system is basically a UNIX-based operating system. The operating system was introduced by a student named Linus Torvalds, but the concept of Linux has been changed over the years. Now it belongs to no one you can use it free and download it.

The changes can still be made and it’s open for everyone for all to adopt, resultantly, it’s been developed into a very powerful OS and gaining popularity within days and nights in all across the world.

It is especially hitting those who are looking forward to having a change as a replacement for windows. In the early 1990’s its hardware has expanded rapidly and DOS was the king without a crown of all the operating systems.

The development of the programming was the bit slowly, MACs were quite better and also much pricier than the PCs. Unix was making headlines, and the source code was ridiculously protected and costly to use.

Advantages of the Linux Operating System

It is an open source operating system and it has got plenty of benefits and it has no owner. You can debug it without getting the permission or license from the software owner. Therefore, a user doesn’t have to bother about the OS without having the worry regarding confirming complex license agreements.

The most significant advantage of Linux OS is its price; it is free for all, however, all the apps come with the GNU public license. It is easily accessible to use at the same time by a large number of users without making it slow or freeze it abruptly. Without the shadow of the doubt it is the best platform and runs with accuracy and efficiency even you have a little hard disk with little space. 

It is also capable of performing on the wide range of hardware such as PCs, MACs, mainframes, supercomputers, few smartphones and even on industrial robots. It usually preferred dual-boot Linux and windows and most of the users choose it for Linux and MAC OS

What Really is Linux OS

The Common question asked about it!

Why is it Open Source?

It was developed having an aim in mind that an OS that was not proprietary, and that can be changed technically by anyone. That is the truth about that, it is known as for an open source operating system. Before it has got name Linux, it was previously known as Freeax (Free Unix).

What GPL Really Is?

It is the abbreviation of the General Public License through which all the free software is distributed to the users. It is the licenses that enable a user to get their hands on all the free programs such as Linux kernel and GCC compiler. It permits the users to use the free programs and to give them a right to share and change software programming.

The Cost of Linux OS

Mostly, it does not cost a single penny, however, there is part of Linux that distributes Linux such as Red Hat does come at the cost and have to pay for a subscription.

Why is it Free?

Because the operating system Linux is distributed under GPL and also complies with GPL, the package is free open source.

Does Linux Make Money? & How!

It is been under the authority of Linux Foundation that funds the progress of Kernel. Those companies that are using the OS Linux, either directly or indirectly in their business, provide a lot in the shape of founds towards the development of the project in order to make it more demanded, protective and secure.

The Popularity of Linux OS

Generally, it is the priority for the ones that need an open source and free operating system. But when it is needed to have servers, creating a powerful infrastructure, Linux goes at the top of the options.

How hard it for the user to understand Linux?

It is obvious, it is based on individuals that how much a user has knowledge of programming and its availability depends upon distributions.

What is Linux Distribution?

The Linux distribution is basically an operating system that has built on the top of freely distributed Linux Kernal.

What Distribution should I install?

It only depends on your usage. You have chosen according to your demands and needs, or which suits you the most.

How much is Linux secure?

It is a relative term, you cannot assume it is secure fully and even you cannot claim it is protective than windows/Unix. Malware can damage any of the operating systems in the world.

But why it is secure than anyone else such windows, because it is widely used in the world compare to the Linux.

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