Increase Your Website Traffic

Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

The website traffic is of great importance that’s because bloggers and content marketers keep looking for the best ways to increase website traffic. You need people to purchase your service or product but how can you attract more people to your product or service page? This is the problem every marketer is dealing with in this digital age. In this article, we have rounded up the top 10 ways to increase website traffic in no time.

Use LSI Keywords

 The frequent changes in search engine algorithm have made many marketers think that search engine optimization is no more important. But the fact is that SEO is very important. It is one of the best marketing strategies that will help you increase your traffic to the website. However, you must know that the old practices of SEO are no more effective.

Keywords were the primary reason for driving traffic but nowadays the search engine needs to know what your post is about to rank you in search results. So as well as using keywords, also use Latent semantic keywords (LSI). These are words and phrases that are similar to your keyword in meanings.

Re-work Previous Blogs

Re-working old and outdated blog posts is the best way to bring more traffic to your website. This is very simple and most effective. Just find blog posts on your website that contain outdated stuff. Make amendments to the post as per the latest trends in SEO. Make use of infographics, statistics, and visuals to make your post unique and attractive.

Revamp Post Format

Transform your posts by giving them a different format. Not every reader would like to read your text. There is a segment of your target market that prefers a different type of content such as video-based content.  

Post on other websites with high traffic

Create posts for other websites having high traffic. Make sure to include many compelling links to your content. It will bring more people to your traffic with a simple click.

Give New Headline to old post

You can utilize all your old great articles by giving them compelling headlines. Sometimes, you fail to produce the finest headline for one of your exceptional posts. It can prevent your target audience from opening that post. Replace all boring headlines with new and attractive titles. Write 4 to 5 headlines for your posts and try out which headline gives you the best results.

Use Question Analyzer

The use of question analyzer has turned out to be another terrific way to increase website traffic. Create posts based on questions your target market is asking. Such posts are high traffic generators because they base on the need of the reader. You can use tools like Buzzsumo’s Question Analyzer to know what questions your target market frequently asks.

Make Website Mobile Friendly

More than 60% of all searches made on the internet are generated via mobile phones. Google also prefers the mobile version of websites over the desktop version. So, make your website mobile friendly and increase your traffic instantly. If you are not sure whether your website is mobile friendly or not, you can use the Google mobile-friendly test tool to check you site.

Use LinkedIn & Other Social Media Platforms

LinkedIn Publisher is a great platform to attract more readers to your content. It is very simple to post your website content on the social networking platform. As you publish, your contacts receive a notification. They share it with their connections if they find your post interesting. You can do the same on other social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram etc.

Use Influencer Marketing

Google continuously keep changing search algorithm making the old content marketing practices outdated. However, these constant changes have made social media shares more important. The influencer marketing can help you get more shares. It can improve the quality of the content, SEO and resultantly increase traffic and search ranking.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

The long-tail keywords are keywords phrases that are less competitive. However, the majority of web searches are based on these phrases. Such keywords are potential enough to drive more traffic to your website and increase your rank on search engine search result page.

We hope this tips would be helpful in increasing your website traffic. Keep visiting us for more tips and tactics regarding content marketing and SEO.

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