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How to Fix your Wet iPhone and iPad from Getting Damaged?

Did you drop your phone in the bathtub? Pool? Or worse toilet? Don’t worry. We have a quick guide to show you how to fix and save it from iPhone water damage. It’s indeed a sad situation and an expensive mistake one can ever make by dropping their iPhone and getting it damaged. If you accidentally dropped your iPad in a tub full of water, don’t panic. We’re here to rescue you, in this article will take you through a guide on dealing with water damaged phones and other devices.

Switch off the Wet iPhone or iPad

It seems to be obvious that water and electronics don’t go together. Take it out of the water and switch off the iPhone or iPad device instantly. Don’t switch on the wet device as it can damage the internal memory of the phone and cause a short circuit. Rub it dry with a towel and shake it to remove any excess water. Make sure to give your phone rest to let it dry at room temperature or with a hand dryer. Next thing is to follow the steps mentioned below for quick phone recovery.

Remove the Case

After switching off your phone, you can remove the protective case from the iPad or iPhone device. Remove the SIM card from the mobile device and leave the device standing for a few days to dry out the water inside and save the liquid from getting stored in the device,

Dying Out Device with Rice

Rice can be an effective way to dry out water. Drying the device internally can be a bit tricky and one needs to be careful when providing moisture to the phone. The experts from the iPhone app development company advised that the most efficient way to dry a wet iPhone, iPad or other iOS device is to put the device in a bowl full of uncooked rice. Rice can absorb the water leaving your device moisturized.

Dry out with Silica Gel Packages

Another good option is to use silica gels packages for the absorption process. Silica gel beads are readily available at hardware stores. This method will dry out iPhone and iPad more efficiently and less messy than rice. You can substitute this with rice drying which will leave your phone moisturized.

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Water Damage Do’s and Don’ts

In any circumstance don’t use a hair dryer or a heat gun to dry out any electronic device. This can severely damage iPad, iPod, iPhone devices. Some other rules to remember are:

  • Do not heat your wet iPhone, iPad, or other iOS devices with a dryer.
  • Do not put the wet iPhone, iPad, or other iOS devices in a freezer.
  • Don’t leave wet iPhone, iPad, or other iOS devices on heater
  • Don’t open the device before 48 hours
  • Leave your iPhone and iPad device for at least 24 to 48 hours
  • Don’t charge it or connect it to other devices
  • Place it in a bag of rice or silica gel bag
  • Restore with iTunes after turning on the device

DIY Repair

If you think you can repair your phone and you’re confident enough to open the device then the best approach is to start opening the screws of the device. Make sure you know exactly what you’re doing as it can be risky and can cause more damage than repair it. Moreover, it’s a cost-effective technique to repair your device.

Take it to Repair

If you’re not willing to take a risk then you need to consult with a repair shop and get your device fixed. Although the data and information will still be there there’s a chance that you will need to get your battery replaced. Or you can visit Apple Care Store and see what they can do, in fact, you can trade your phone for a refurbished iPhone.

Check the Water Sensor

All the iOS devices iPhone, iPad, have water indicator on their device. An easy way to check water damage is to check the SIM card, dock connector, and headphone jack to see if the sensor is activated. If it’s showing white that means it’s activated and if it has turned red it means that the liquid has reached the port.

In a Nutshell

It’s advisable to have a good protecting case to save your phone from getting damaged.  We can’t guarantee anything but these tips will prove to be useful. Although Apple has released water resistant iPhone and iPad devices it’s good to protect your phone to be on the safe side. Besides, make sure to give your device for repairing to someone who you can trust and has a considerable experience of handling water damage.

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