Hoverwatch Free Mobile Phone Tracker App Review

Today parents have much concerned about their young kids and their excessive usage of cell phones. Digital technology made parenting more challenging and complex. Because every young kid has a cell phone that causes many online threats and scams, parents should supervise their children to control their online activities by remote monitoring. So, look into this article; it would be helpful for your kids’ mobile tracking.

Before you know the detailed Hoverwatch review, I would like to share the most significant part of the Hoverwatch app that is free for mobile tracking. Moreover, it is easy for you to catch your kids performing activities on their cell phone devices.

Hoverwatch is a great free mobile phone tracker app. it is a fantastic source to know someone’s activities secretly and remotely. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent choice for guardians to keep their kids safe from online threats and many more. It makes installing and getting in touch with your children’s telephone activities easy. Moreover, its nifty feature empowers you to get every single activity from anywhere.

Overview of Hoverwatch mobile phone tracker app

Hoverwatch is a cell phone monitoring software like Mspy with fantastic features. You can secretly view what your targeted person is doing on their phone screen. Further, there is a choice to check your kid’s social media accounts and make a screen recording. Users can access the kids’ phone cameras and capture their live activities. You can find your kids’ place where they move with a time stamp. Likewise, it enables you to search the device areas in the situation of lost and stolen mobile. In short, you can check and control your kid’s unwanted activities before something goes wrong.

Compatibility of Hoverwatch

Before choosing and installing it on your targeted device, you must go through the compatibility of your targeted phones. Like the other apps, Hoverwatch is also used for cell phone devices. But here you need to know the versions and phones.

Hoverwatch mobile tracker app is helpful for Android phones, MAC, or Windows devices. This app flawlessly worked with android phones such as sonny, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, and many more.

How to install the Hoverwatch cell phone tracker app

Hoverwatch is the most trusted and reliable phone tracker app with advanced android features. It allows you to monitor cell phones by keeping updating yourself towards your kids. But you must learn how to install the app on your targeted devices.

Three simple and easy steps make it possible for phone tracking.

  • Visit the official website of Hoverwatch and sign up for the free option for tracking.
  • Now get the email and password to set up an account and tap for sign up, then accept the terms and services after accepting it.
  • Then go to choose and select the price according to your budget. You can also use the app for free on your targeted device. Hoverwatch gives three days of free trials to make your decision for purchase.

Setting up the Hoverwatch on your mobile phone

Prepare your device before installing and setting up the app into it; then start with;

  1. Tap Google play store app
  2. Press menu > play protect > go setting
  3. Turn off the scan app with space protect

Time to open an account

  1. Open your Google browser (turn on the cognitive window if you want)
  2. Open hoverwatch.com
  3. Press sign up free (or press menu > login)
  4. Enter your email along with your password
  5. Press sign up free (or login)

Now install 

  1. Press the download
  2. Press ok
  3. Press open (you can open file manager> downloads > set up.apk)
  4. I want to promote the press set to allow installation
  5. Press Install

Able the device to monitorable 

  • Press open
  • If the open button is not activated, follow the instruction
  • Press next
  • Select the installation option and confirm the users’ consent
  • Press next
  • Accept the legal term
  • Select ok by checking all boxes
  • Enter your email and password to press activate
  • Turn on the activation that you want to track
  • Press allow by confirming permissions
  • Press next

Core features of Hoverwatch mobile tracker app

Hoverwatch offers many mobile monitoring features that enable you to track the device and find its activities.

Call recorder

Of course, Call recording cannot be possible without using authentic phone tracking software. By using Hoverwatch mobile tracking software, you are empowered to listen to the audio conversation of your kids. When the targeted person has done their call conversation, this app can upload a recording file to the online dashboard.

Internet browsing history

Just stay away from your child from the adult, porn X-rated, racism, and hater political stuff. The most significant issues are using devices connected to the internet, using any website, and watching any content. So, it can be minimized by controlling your child’s internet websites. Even more, check their browsing history and save them from any dangerous side.

Track Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media apps

It enables you to track the social media activities of your kids’ phone-based apps .as as FB, WhatsApp, Instagram, Kik, Viber, and Snapchat. You can check your kids’ activities on their targeted IM app.

SMS tracker

It empowers you to read all exchanged chat messages of your targeted one. This SMS tracker enables you to find all the conversations going through your kids’ cell phones—no other way to check the messages of your loved ones. While reading the chat, you can save the adult conversation and secure your child.

Phone location tracker

Like SMS tracker, the location tracker app also lets you find your child’s accurate location. With Hoverwatch mobile tracker app, you can check where your child is moving through a notification. It makes it easy to check your child is in a safe place.

Take screenshots

Screenshots are a crucial feature of the Hoverwatch app. this app enables you to capture your kids’ activities while performing on their cell phones and other devices. It allows you to take screenshots of live activities. You are free to catch the unusual activities of your targeted one.

Detect phone sim card

Android phones have the option to activate more than one sim card at the same time. When your targeted one is changing their sim card.so, you come to know by a single notification.

Save all contacts

This feature allows you to check all phone contact by searching their names. Further, you can add any desired touch and delete any contact you want.

Monitor calls

You can check all incoming and outgoing calls of your targeted device. You even can find who is calling your targeted one with the name.

Access to phone camera

This feature allows you to track the phone camera and find their activities. It will enable you to check when your kids are taking selfies and can check the location where they take them.

Pricing and plans

Before choosing the app, we will again clear to you that Hoverwatch offers you 3-day accessible trails.

The Hoverwatch offers you three different price plans that you can select for cell phone tracking. You can choose it for your kid’s security and your business safety. You can pay for a single device and multiple devices as well.

You can choose a personal plan starting from $24.95 for a single device and select for three months to pay $59.95 and $ 99.95 for 12 months.

Users can purchase a professional plan starting from $9.99 for five devices at the same time. Further can pay $49.95 for a month, $99.95 for three months, and for 12 months, you have to pay $199.95

For business, start from $6.00 for 25 devices and pay $149.95 for one month, and for three months’ pay $299.95 and spend $499.95 for twelve months.

Final words

In the end, we can say Hoverwatch mobile tracker has limited features but works flawlessly. It’s the best choice for concerned parents who want to check their kids all actions. This is the best choice to secure your children and protect your business from online danger.

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