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A Complete Guide to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Windows officially released Fall Creators Update (version 1709) a few months back with improved features, visual modifications, emoticons support, updated Microsoft Edge and much more. The new Windows 10 release brings placeholders back letting its users experiment a new cross-device experiment connecting their phones to personal computers. It lets you shut down your system with a voice command and offers improved accessibility tools and handwriting experience.

Whether you are already running the updated version of Windows 10 or planning to experiment it in near future, you must be aware of a few things. This article discusses everything you need to know about Windows 10 Fall Creators update.

How to get Windows 10 Fall Creators Update?

If your device has not yet got the Windows 10 Fall Creators update, wait until it is offered to you automatically through Windows Update. However, if you have been waiting since long, you can manually upgrade your system to the latest Windows version. By using the Media Creation Tool, you can update your Windows or remove the previously installed Windows and install a fresh Windows 10.

You can also take the support of Update Assistant which is quite similar to Media Creation Tool in its working. However, the Update Assistant only permits to do an in-place upgrade. This tool is intended for the devices that have issues connecting to Microsoft’s update server. However, anyone can use Update Assistant for the system upgrade.

Which devices have not received Windows 10 Fall Creator Update?

Many devices have not yet received the latest Windows 10 update which can be caused by the current installation of those devices. Another reason for this delay is that the update is rolling out on the devices that are known to be compatible with this update. If you do not get updates through Windows Update, it may mean that the update is not yet compatible with your device.

How to block Windows 10 Fall Creator Update?

If you are not ready to get your hands on the latest Windows 10 version, you can block the Windows 10 Update for a specific time period. There are different ways to block the update varying from the version to version. Those who are using Windows 10 Pro can block Fall Creator update until 16 months using ‘Current Branch for Business’ option. This users of Windows 10  Home can use a metered connection to block the latest update.

What are downfalls of Windows 10 Fall Creator?

The new version of Windows 10 does not hold any significant loopholes instead there are a few nominal issues which can be expected in initial days of an update release. While some users have reported connectivity problems and slow performance of Microsoft Edge, some other reported losing OneDrive Files On-Demand in the upgraded version.

What are the features and modifications in the Setting app?

The Setting app is the most significant aspect of Windows 10 which receives most enhancements in every upgrade. In Windows Fall Creator Update, the Settings app comes with a few visual changes. There is a new color filter which facilitates color blinds to identify different colors and help light sensitive users to run applications.

Moreover, you can now control the bandwidth which is used to download app and system updates and allow updates while using the metered connection. The configuration to network discovery has been made convenient for wifi and ethernet adapters.

What are the enhancements to Microsoft Edge?

In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, various improvements have been made for Microsoft Edge. The new app includes a modified interface, more control over site permissions and option to use the browser in full-screen. Moreover, it lets you pin websites to the taskbar, and experiment new features to view and edit PDF files and EPUB files.

The stand-out features of Windows 10 Fall Creator Update

The new version of Windows 10 holds several new features and functionalities but the top features include On-Demand files, emoji panel and the ability to connect smartphones with computer systems.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has removed its unpopular features from Fall Creator Update. Almost 20 features have been removed from new Windows because of their unpopularity and use of old technologies.

Hope you would have found this article helpful in learning the foremost information about Windows 10 Fall Creator Update.

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