Complete Guide on PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG)

If you have ever tried playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), you might have noticed that this game is trickier than it seems. In this article, we have provided a complete guide on PUBG to help players learn how to survive till the end of the game.

Strategy to Win PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is not a typical shooter game. It requires you to survive rather than to get the most kills. Surprisingly, this game lets you win even if you have not killed a single one. So, the strategy of the usual shooter games won’t work here.

Many highest ranking players seem to rely on stealth strategies like hiding themselves at safe places. The more they avoid exposing to risks, the more likely they are to win the game.

As well as adopting stealth strategies, combat is also a good practice for beginners. Like the mid-game kills let you get improved gears that let you protect yourself if you have got spotted hiding.

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How to Master Battlegrounds – Tips for Beginners

PUBG can be a little overwhelming for beginners. So, here we have shared the basic things they need to know. This guide can help them to get grip on the essentials before jumping into more advanced strategies.

Increase Speed

You definitely need more speed to run and protect yourself from other shooters. Putting away your gears will let you increase your speed up to six percent. Push ‘X’ key on your system to remove your weapons.

Make Less Noise

In early levels of the game, try to run barefoot. Though it does not impact your speed it is a good idea to stay noiseless on most surfaces.

Refuel Vehicle

Your vehicle needs to be static to refuel. The players can refuel their vehicles from within the car by right-clicking the container in inventory.

Map Markers

Map markers are important. Make sure you use these markers all the times and call out specific directions and numbers when you are working in a team.

Make Voice Chat Private

When you are communicating with your team through voice chat, make sure your enemies do not hear you. Set your voice chat to party-only. Sometimes, you will hear conversations of your enemy team who forget to set their voices to private.

Fire Rate and Aiming

Make sure that you toggle the rate of fire. You can do this pushing the B key on the computer. There are three types of fire aiming i.e., Hip fire, aiming down sights ‘ADS’ and straight ADS. Hold right mouse button for more accurate hip fire. Tap the right mouse button for ADS and to go straight to ADS hold the right-click rather than turning it on/off.

Situational Strategies

The big towns under the flight path have better loot but these are the most dangerous spots to start. Consider small clusters of buildings to start. The situational strategies can let you get even better loot and increase your chances of success.

Find Gears As Soon As Possible

To enhance your chances of success, you need to find out these key things as soon as possible. It includes a backpack, assault rifles (ARs), healing items, a bulletproof vest, and a helmet. These items will help you survive in most surfaces.

Close the Door

All doors in battlegrounds start closed. If a door is open it means someone has been there. If you enter a close door and leave it open, you are giving clues to others that you have been there. Make sure you close every door you enter.

Clear Buildings before Loot

It is always a better idea to clear buildings before loot unless you are in hurry. Let the people think that they are safe leaving the loot on the ground. You can shoot them in the back.

How to Fight Multiple Enemies

When fighting with multiple enemies at the same time, you can ignore those who are down. They cannot get up until they get support from others. Make those enemies on your priority list who can still attack you.

Use Vehicles Wisely

Vehicles are important to cover long distances at speed. However, their noises can make enemies attentive. Try to use them wisely. Also, these vehicles explode when they hit things at speed rolling down hills. Par your vehicles at sideways on sloped land.

Use of Helmets

You must be aware of the use of helmets like which helmet can take which amount of damage. If you have a level 2 helmet, a Kar98 sniper can easily kill you with a headshot. A level 3 helmet can protect you from this hit. Also, take notice of the helmet your opponent have.

Avoid Damaged Armor

A damaged high-level armor can be riskier than a low-level undamaged armor. Compare your armor with another by looking at the number next to it in inventory.

Hope this article would be helpful in learning basic things about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).        

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