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Top 10 Practices to Get NoFollow Backlinks

Nofollow and dofollow backlinks are of great importance in search engine optimization (SEO) as they help generate more traffic to the website or webpage. While dofollow links allow Google to follow them, the nofollow links do not allow search engine bots to follow the link. In this article, we have discussed how the beginners and new SEOs can get nofollow backlinks in the most convenient way.

What is Nofollow Backlink?

Nofollow is an HTML attribute value that is used to instruct Google and other search engine bots that a link must not affect the ranking of link target in the search engine index. The nofollow backlinks are created to decrease the effectiveness of search engine spams.

They enhance the quality of search engine results and stop spamdexing. The concept of nofollow backlinks was first introduced in 2005 by Jason Shellen and Matt Cutts.

How to Get NoFollow Backlinks

Nofollow links help to connect users to a different kind of content on the internet. Given are a few practices that can help you get nofollow backlinks and to give more value to these links.

Utilize Social Networking Platforms

Social media has turned out to be the most powerful platform for content marketing. If you want to enhance the visibility of your content, you can post the link of your post on a social media site such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It is a great way to use nofollow links. For example, you can use Instagram hashtags for your post related to current news or events. It will spread and promote your content to a broader audience.

Republish Content on Other Sites

There are many websites that allow you to post your content to increase its visibility and expand your existing platform. For example, if you have published an article on news related website, you can also post it somewhere else on a website of another niche. Link the article with the original post by effectively using your nofollow links.

Take Advantage of Quora & Similar Platforms

Quora is one of the biggest platforms for inquiries ranging from sports, entertainment, education, and politics to0 much more. Some queries get very good responses from users and some responses have external links to help the users. These links are an example of nofollow backlinks helping users to access a different kind of content on the internet.

Comments on Low-Popularity Blogs

While low-popularity blogs cannot bring as much traffic as high-popularity blogs, the comments on low-popularity blogs can be a great source of good nofollow links. It adds more authenticity and repute to your links.

Link Targets on Twitter

You can get nofollow links by following and engaging with Twitter’s link targets. Look for the bloggers, authors, journalists, contributors and others who write for different publications. Share your relevant content with these link targets using the Twitter account and the chances of getting a follow back from these links are very good.

Link Citations

You can earn link citation from platforms like Instagram. There are many editors, writers, and journalists who may ask for your permission to use your content. If you show willingness, they can give you link citation.

Use Medium

Medium is one of the biggest platforms for article republishing. It is a completely nofollow platform letting you contribute your content. You write for your own website first and then republish it on Medium. Google does not mind you doing so because it is not taken as duplicate content. Medium and all other similar platforms act as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn where you submit a link of your post.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing has turned out to be the most important form of marketing right now. The majority of word-of-mouth marketing is done through nofollow links. When you post a link on social media with hashtags, these hashtags do not add SEO value but they make people talk about your content. It brings more referral traffic to you site.

The Bottom Line

Nofollow links do not have a direct impact on your website traffic or ranking but it is potential enough to provide an indirect way to get lots of good links. It also adds more SEO value, can improve your sales funnel and can actually improve your ranking.    

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