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7 Steps To Get Better In League Of Legends

League of Legends is a game that is played by millions of players around the world, and the player base happens to be very loyal towards the game.

Sure, there have been complaints about toxic players, but you need to understand that every community has toxic players in it, and you cannot really do much about them, to begin with.

If you are someone who does not have a good amount of experience in the game, and you are willing to learn, there are some great ways to get going.

You could be an older player who is trying to get into the game as well, and you might be wondering if there are any tips or tricks that can make you a better player in the game.

That is why we have gathered a number of tips that you can look at in order to get better at League of Legends. These tips are not the final word, and they can be altered based on your playing style, and requirements.

  • Invest in More Wards

Newer players are often under the impression that wards are not as important in the game simply because they cost gold to buy. They normally opt for cosmetic items that have no real benefit and completely overlook the wards that are much better options, to begin with.

If you are new to the game, I would suggest that you start investing in the wards, because that will only help you become a better player than anything else. Wards help you by giving you a vision of your enemy, and you can tell where your annoying enemies are.

  • Master One Champion

Here is something surprising for you: League of Legends has over 130 champions that you can choose and play with.

The thing here is that it is nearly impossible to master every single champion because each one is different from the other, and it can take a lot of time mastering all of them. If you really want to get better at the game, then the simplest suggestion that I would give to you is that you should pick one champion and start mastering that champion.

In the beginning, you might want to find the right one, and you may end up trying all of them but in the end, you will have to pick one that suits your requirements the best, and once you have found that champion, you can go ahead and start mastering that.

I can assure you that your gameplay experience will get better as you get more familiar with the champion.

  • Test Out Your Ping

Okay, I know this is not directly related to the game itself, but having a good ping is very, very important if you want to be able to play without running into any issues.

Before you start playing the game, I would suggest that you test out your ping (there are many online tools that can help you in this regard), especially if you are playing a ranked match because you really don’t want to leave the match or disconnect because of your ping.

Low ping is very important in an online game and you must consider it before starting your game.

  • Play With Friends

I have always stressed over this a lot that games like LoL are best when you play with your friend, especially friends who are good at the game.

That way, you can learn from how their play style is, and what mistakes you should avoid. You don’t have to always play with your friends, but it is a better start and the one that you should definitely take in order to get better at the game, because I can assure you that with time, you will start learning the tricks in the game that will ultimately make you a better player.

League Of Legends

  • Understand the Meta

The thing about LoL or other similar games is that the Meta is always changing, and you can never be on the same meta for too long. If you really want to get better at the game, then you must learn the Meta.

That way, you will have the proper way of getting better at the game that you thought is not easy to master. You can head over to different websites and guides that have all the Meta listed and have a proper understanding as to what you should do and what you should not do. I know it sounds difficult, but it is totally worth it.

  • Be Consistent

League of Legends is one of those games that demands consistency if you want to be a better player. I say this because a lot of people actually think that they can just leave the game whenever they want and pick it up whenever they feel like.

That is not the case, to be honest. The meta in this game changes a lot, and with every major update, you are introduced to something new, something that can completely change your experience.

The only thing you can do here is consistent.

  • Never Stop Practicing

Like always, the most important tip I can give to anyone who is looking to play League of Legends, or any other MMO for that matters, is that you should never stop practicing. Don’t worry if you don’t have the proper gear right now. Just play it regularly.

The game is dynamic at its best, and will certainly change its tide if you are not paying to be consistent. Honestly, you would not want to go through that process, and in most cases, you would avoid it completely.

So, make sure that whenever you are playing this game, you are always practicing as well. You can actually keep separate days for practicing if you think that would help you stay in touch with the game for a longer period of time.


There is no denying that League of Legends is a wonderful game with one of the best player bases that you can find in any game ever. The game is diverse, and you simply have a lot of options to play, thanks to the extensive number of heroes available in the game.

However, the biggest crux here is that you need to master the game, and in order to that, you are going to need some tips and tricks.

Whether you are a new player in the game or someone who has been resuming the game after a long time. The answer here is simple, consistency is something that you definitely require in the game.

Follow the tips above if you really want to get better the game, and in addition to that, I would also suggest you watch streamers play the game, and keep reading more guides until you find the playstyle and the tips that suit you the best. Only then you will truly be able to master the game.

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