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Top Business Ideas for 2020 within Food Delivery Niche

On-demand food delivery businesses are growing across the globe and the demand for this type of specialized service is increasing very fast. Nowadays, making food and selling food from a retail location is not just enough. Consumers demand more. Today in the world of digitization where everything is available at your convenience, all the consumers expect a ready to eat food at their doorstep.

Moreover, the increasing usage of smartphones and access to the internet is transforming society and more people are using mobile applications to get the food delivered at the desired location. This in its own has created a vast pool of opportunities for food entrepreneurs.

Before starting any venture a proper business model is prepared where the objectives, investment, and execution strategies are outlined. In the market, there are plenty of business options, but the selection as per the needs and requirements is very important.

Today delivering the food is not just enough. With the changing demands and needs of the society, it is very difficult for the food delivery startups to deliver the food at the customer’s doorstep within the time limit.

The marketers or various startups owners are keeping a close eye on the market shift to identify the various niches. As being in the niche will help food delivery businesses to overcome the competitive barriers and survive.

There are plenty of online food delivery app business models foraying in 2020. From this statement, it is quite evident that you are sure to get a delicious ride this year. To name a few are:

Food Trucks:

Nowadays, food trucks are one of the most profitable food retail businesses with a low investment plan. It is more like a restaurant on wheels which is serving food at the customer’s accessible or convenient locations. Also for getting more customers, you can get a specific mobile application developed where you can get the orders from the nearby areas.

Grocery Delivery:

It is the most popular business that is adopted by entrepreneurs. This business is easy to start but there are two models that grocery delivery business uses. The first option requires low cost and on the other hand, the second model requires adequate investment.

In the first option, the basic need here is to get an online platform developed where the products can be listed with a proper price tag. The materials are procured, website promotion is done. When the customers place the orders, the delivery is completed at their doorstep.

Moreover, in the second option, an online marketplace is developed where small marketers or shopkeepers are invited to list their products.

Food Delivery (Aggregator):

In this delivery business, an online portal is developed where various restaurants get registered and enlist their offerings. Customers get a wide range of options to select their favorite restaurant and menu. Once the order is received, the delivery is completed. Here transactional amount is earned on the billing.

Healthy Food Delivery:

Today every consumer is health conscious and is aiming to be fit and healthy. Here the business targets such a consumer base and delivers the products as and when required.

Also, the delivery can be targeted to the people who are suffering from certain medical issues. Moreover, this type of food delivery is very much popular in the United States of America.

Organic Food Delivery:

Organic food is getting hype in society these days. People now are more diet conscious and do possess complete knowledge regarding their health. This type of venture can be started easily with a small amount of investment.

You need to get an online platform developed, select your products, target your customers, advertise with adequate promotions so as to get the attention of the customers and start selling.

Pizza Delivery:

Pizza delivery is one of the most popular widely opted food delivery businesses. Such a venture can be started in two ways. First is getting a franchisee of a reputed pizza company such as Pizza Hut or Domino’s. And another is setting up your own restaurant or delivery company where you can offer a wide range of pizzas with different flavors and tastes.

Egg Delivery Business:

Eggs demand is not limited to individuals but with various businesses such as hotels and restaurants. To establish this venture you would require partnering with some local farmers, poultry farms. The delivery also plays a vital role here. The eggs need to be fresh and are important to carry them safely while in transit.

Bread and Milk Delivery Service:

With this business venture, you can ensure a steady income as almost everyone eats bread and milk in their breakfast. Once you start this business, the most important thing you would have to consider is to make sure that your products are from a trusted manufacturer, so as to ensure the quality of your delivery.

Fruit Delivery Business:

In this delivery business, you can target the customers who are very specific in getting fresh fruits. The customers can select the fruits that they require and the delivery is made as per the stated time and location. Here the most important factor is the quality of the fruits that are being delivered.

You need to ensure that the fruits are fresh and hygienic in order to make the brand popular with the customers. It also needs to maintain a proper communication medium either by phone or online and a refrigerated car to deliver the order as and when required.

 Fast Food Delivery Business:

This business delivery model is widely opted by many entrepreneurs. The target audience here is kids and the young generation who love fast food a lot.

Here the owner can create an online platform where various small coffee shops or food retail outlets can be registered or may take a franchise from a renowned brand or restaurant chain.

Online Event Catering Service:

Being a full-service caterer for online food catering services such as events, weddings at an affordable price and fresh menu ideas and specialty cuisines can be a big go-to for offering premium online food solutions. It welcomes customers with small-to-big budgets and enables you to spread the word with your own service branding in the whole event.

All Night Delivery:

All-night food deliveries are incessantly becoming a rage in the online fast-food delivery marketplace. The all-night delivery business dynamics is making a good economic sense when it comes to convenience and simplicity.

Bakery Items Delivery:

Bakeries create the most amazing fudges, truffles, toffees, cakes, pastries, and hot chocolates. Delivering them the same day or next day with thoughtful packaging can pick the interest of customers at once.

Food Blogger:

If you love food then this one will come naturally to you, a food blog. Through your blog page, you could easily post pictures of the dishes you cook at home, write about your favorite dishes. One way you could monetize this effort is to divert traffic to your page through a sound social media strategy.

You could make use of Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook to run both organic and paid promotions to your website, as your traffic base (and follower) increases you could become an affiliate and promote related businesses on your website and charge an amount per click and conversion.

YouTube Food Channel/ V-logger:

YouTube is the second most viewed search engine after Google. People are increasingly switching preferences from articles to videos and this is one more area you can tap into. You could take videos of your cooking, give it a personal touch. Remember the end objective must be to add value to your viewers.


By identifying your target audience, a market that you want to deliver the best business opportunity can be garbed. Hopefully, with this article, you can get an idea of the opportunity pool that is available and can decide accordingly.

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