FlexiSpy Review: Everything you need to know

by Stella Logan

When it comes to a cell phone, tablet, or smartphone monitoring, FlexiSpy comes into mind reliable and stable software that promises accuracy and proper reporting of every feature. The most attractive fact regarding the efficiency and tracking of FlexiSpy is it’s still being used with the same features integrated at the time of its launch while its competitors keep updating and removing various tools. This is the only spying app that supports almost fifteen instant messengers. This FlexiSPY review will help you decide this app worth buying or not.

The need for FlexiSpy review

The drastic changes of use in social media with an increasing fuss on all forums, security issues, lack of a system to monitor and keep eyes on kids, employees, and beloved ones are the few impetuses that lead to the dire need of FlexiSpy software. Every parent is in need of a reliable tool or online app that guarantees protection, monitoring of all activities of their kids, and when they require tracking their kids’ locations they can and that is why FlexiSpy provides with a range of more than 150 mobile spying features. These are the reasons this review of Flexispy is the need of time.

Flexispy Pricing


These prices are for basic plans.* This FlexiSpy review will help you compare prices with other spy apps like Review of TheOneSpy.

Features of FlexiSpy App

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The list of the features incorporated for various purposes of spying are as follows:

SMS and Call Tracking

Just like many other spying apps, FlexiSpy supports SMS and Call monitoring. Via this tracking feature, the parents or the person-in-charge of the app can read all messages received or sent to the target device. Parents remain worried about their kids as they suspect them to be involved in chats with anonymous people with the exchange of abusive stuff. Moreover, the calls and their locations can be tracked as well. Many kids lie to their parents about presence at a certain location like school or college and in case of parents have doubts, they can simply track them with the help of tracking features.

Call interception

If a kid uses social media and communicates with his friends or people on the list, he will definitely be sharing messages and calling them too. Parents or the employers can intercept calls on the target device that will bring the details of incoming and outgoing calls on their kids’’ phones. It lets parents identify who they are talking to. Meanwhile, by switching the record option, all the calls are recorded so that the owner can store for future use.

Supports Instant Messengers

Some spying apps support this feature of monitoring on various messengers like Facebook, Viber, Skype, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, Line Messenger, and others. All the activities happening on these instant messengers are monitored and checked as well. So this spying app can be used when you are on any of the instant messengers. This is an excellent introduction regarding feature additions.


Bugging refers to recording and listening to the calls you want to be on your record. FlexiSpy bugging feature lets the users record and listens to all calls. Additionally, the bugging feature also records the sounds and calls in the surroundings too.

Key Logger

Through this feature, the user can crack passwords and other credentials on any website, app, or even the devices as well. It supports Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and some other apps and websites.


FlexiSpy app supports almost all the operating systems like Android, iPhone, and Blackberry. It’s still not operational windows. Further details regarding versions of operating systems can be checked on the website of the FlexiSpy app.


The installation of FlexiSpy is a bit complicated and irritating for the users. FlexiSpy service provides installation service through an online system without letting the user do anything. He just downloads and gets it installed on his/her device. This is the biggest drawback of installation and even in the service. It impedes the learning of users so that can handle minor technical issues by himself.

Help and Support

When it comes to the provision of efficient customer support and services, FlexiSpy becomes a nightmare for the users. The client department provides nothing to any request, and the users can just repent on buying this spying app. As already mentioned, they provide support in installation but no further support and help in case a user faces a technical or another issue. Moreover, their customer service regarding providing information about packages, plans, policies, and refunding is a bit better.


FlexiSpy though supports a huge number of features, but efficacy and effectiveness can only be found in a few. This helps the users in the monitoring of kids, employees, and their activities but most of the time few features don’t work properly or as expected. Another negative aspect of the services of FlexiSpy is its customer support center. They don’t provide the services as mentioned on their site. In addition to all this, this is a good spying app that can see improvements in the offing. I hope this Flexispy review will help you choosing best one.

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