7 Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them

7 Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them

It’s quite evident how technology has progressed. Now that we have entertainment on our fingertips, all thanks to packages such as Xfinity Double Play, users seem to have become more impatient than ever. In case you have a WordPress website, you would want to make sure it’s up and running. Otherwise, you will lose customers.

WordPress does not throw errors at its users for no reasons. It’s not just downtime that’s scary, common errors are frustrating, too. Hence, it’s always great to know how to fix them on time and save your visitors the trouble.

Let’s have a look at 7 common WordPress errors and their solution:

#1: Error Establishing Database Connection

This error is quite self-explanatory. It means that your connection with the database is broken. The possible causes are trouble with your hosting server, error in the WordPress configuration file or because someone has hacked your website.

How to fix it?

First of all, talk to your hosting provider. They will tell you if your database shuts down because it’s exceeding the quota or if there is something wrong with the server. If everything is fine, you must check the WordPress configuration file. Open the file and make sure the name of the database, host, username, and password are correct. If there are no errors in this file, chances are your site is a victim of a cyber-attack.

#2: 404 Error

The “404 pages not found” error occurs when a visitor tries to access a post on your site. Strangely, the user is able to access or browse other sections of your website except for this one page/post that’s displaying the error. 

How to fix it?

The common cause of this error is the permalink settings in WordPress. Just reconfigure them and everything will fix on its own. You can also rewrite the rules manually.

#3: Image Upload Issue

In this type of error, you will notice that all images from your website are gone. All you see is broken image placeholders. If you try uploading an image, this also results in an error.

How to fix it?

When this error occurs, it means you have incorrect files and directory permissions. Go ahead and fix those and the error will go away on its own.

#4: Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance 

This error occurs because of an interrupted or unfinished WordPress update. WordPress puts your website in maintenance mode whenever an update is in progress. When there is an interruption, WordPress does not get a chance to take your website out of the maintenance mode. It can actually lock down the entire website.

How to fix it?

Access the root folder of your website and delete the file named “.maintenance.” Removing this file will revert your website back to normal. Keep in mind you will have to redo the update.

#5: White Screen

Also known as “white screen of death” displays no error message, just a white screen. This error occurs because of a poorly coded plugin and theme or when the memory limit exhausts.

How to fix it?

Start by increasing the memory limit. Open the WordPress configuration file and add code for that between the PHP tags. If a theme or plugin was responsible for the error, simply disable it. This calls for deactivating all plugins and activating one at a time to see which one caused the error in the first place.

#6: 500 Internal Server Error

This is an error you will encounter at least once. Unfortunately, it has several potential causes such as corrupted .htaccess, exhausted memory limit or a corrupted plugin/theme.

How to fix it?

You have to find out what caused the error in the first place. Then, address the issue. Increase the memory limit or deactivate the plugins, whichever is responsible. In case it’s the .htaccess file, open it using file manager and rename it with “.htaccess old.” Now refresh the website and see if the error persists. If this fixes the error, save the changes to the .htaccess file.

#7: Unable to Access the Admin Area

Getting locked out of your WordPress admin dashboard is not really a technical issue. But it’s an error that’s pretty common. It happens when you forget your password. But just because you can’t remember the password, doesn’t mean you can’t access your website.

How to fix it?

First, try to recover your old password. If you don’t have access to the email you signed up with, the problem gets a bit serious. It happens in rare instances but it’s always best to know the solution. In that case, you can use phpMYadmin for resetting the password. Be careful because it can make changes in your database.

Final Words

Even though WordPress is a powerful CMS, it comes with its own set of flaws. Knowing how to fix common errors is always handy. Feel free to reach out to a professional like you would reach out to Xfinity customer service (1-855-850-5974) when you encounter an error with your TV service.

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