Why TikTok App is so Famous

Why TikTok App is so Famous and Everyone Being Crazy for TikTok

With the advancement in technology and the introduction of mobile apps into the world, many mobile apps have been developed to support businesses. While some already-established businesses took the support of mobile apps to make it easier for them to reach their target audience, others used this technological advancement to grow their own business.

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The word TikTok has become so famous that even the people who are not using it know what all this buzz is about. Currently, TikTok has more than 500 million app users, and the numbers keep rising every day. These are just half the number of users that are active on Instagram.

TikTok rapidly acquired the 9th rank among other most used social networking applications across the globe. This year, TikTok recorded its most downloads ever on both App Store and Play Store.

Origin of TikTok

It all started when ByteDance purchased Musical.ly in 2017, and in August 2018, it got merged with TikTok. From that day onwards, TikTok became the most popular application among mobile app users all over the world. However, many people still see it as a rebranding of Musical.ly.

Get to Know TikTok

Knowing this application’s main focus has always been a matter of attention for many. What content can you publish, what things you can find, who you can find, etc.? To this, there could be one possible answer that you can use every type of content, from a joke made with a friend to a film scene’s dubbing, from heroic arts to songs remixes.

TikTok, being a popular social network, mainly targets mobile app users of age group 13-25. But this is no surprise that you can find users of all age groups on Tiktok. One explanation for this can be that this target is to find young and fresh talent for advertising and promotional campaigns.

Companies have their eyes focused on this application now as they have understood it. This is also the part where privacy concerns arise. However, TikTok has gained attention for its rules in terms of activity tracking of minors through the app.

Purpose of TikTok

The mission of TikTok is to motivate and inspire youth and bring out their creativity. No doubt, the content you will find on TikTok will make you laugh and sometimes will leave you with tears. There are many content creators on this app who are using this social networking application just to promote their business or to educate people.

It is clear how TikTok is operating according to its mission, and also the structure of the app shows that it purely focuses on being an app for entertainment. However, we cannot ignore the fact that people are using this application only for fun, and currently, TikTok is only promoting mental leisure.

Why is this App so Famous?

The sole reason for the app’s success is that it allows users to edit videos that they post online and that users cannot get enough of scrolling and sharing the content. People across all social networking applications are sharing the content created on TikTok. However, there is still a large group of people who do not appreciate this application, and according to them, this hype is for nothing but a waste of time.

When you publish a video through TikTok, it is not you actually for the entire duration of the video, but a joke, a farce, or a parody. It may appear hard to use at first, but once you get familiar with the application, you will be comfortable in sharing whatever stuff you like.

You can even bid farewell to the fear of publicly showing a product that is unsuccessful because no one tells you what to post and what not to. It is like using an application as you please.

TikTok is somehow helping people promote their talent without having to worry about whether or not the viewers will like its quality and content, or not as everyone is watching TikTok videos just for fun and relaxing. So, this, to a certain level, eliminates the part where judgment could step in and disturb the fun.

When put into comparison with Instagram, TikTok and Instagram might have some similarities. Still, TikTok can never be Instagram’s alternative; neither can it ever affect the user count of other applications like Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, etc.

It is clear that all these applications have different missions, and their operations are entirely different from that of TikTok. So, it would be wrong to think TikTok can gain more users than these famous and long-existing social networking applications.

One thing that can happen is that apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, can introduce features similar to that of TikTok through which they can easily sweep away TikTok users. Additionally, it cannot be denied that TikTok users turn to other applications for promoting their TikTok videos and letting people know about their TikTok profiles. This means that no matter how much popular TikTok has become, it may probably never rise above other big and famous apps.

Want to know how TikTok works? Here’s how

TikTok is made for people to create videos and post them online for sharing them with the world, just like they do with Instagram. On this app, you can only posy short duration videos, i.e., 15 to 60 seconds of videos. The amazing part is that while creating a video, you can find almost any music, dialogue, joke, or a movie scene directly from TikTok. Photographs can also be used, but they will be displayed as a photographic video carousel.

What’s Home Tab in TikTok?

TikTok’s user interface is quite easy to understand and use. It helps users to navigate through the entire application. The video feed is visible immediately when you open the app. Moreover, the scrolling between one video to another is a quick and smooth style of presentation that can also be considered as similar to that of Instagram stories, but vertically.

While you are in the app’s home, you will see options on the top on your screen that say ‘follow’ and ‘for you.’ The first option will show you videos of the TikTok users who you have followed, whereas the second option will show you a general feed to get to know more TikTokers that you may like to know.

On the right side of your screen are other links:

  • The first one helps you to follow up on all the current and recent TikTok videos.
  • The second one is used for putting a heart to the video that you like.
  • The third one is for commenting and leaving hearts on already present comments.
  • The fourth one allows for sharing videos on other apps.
  • The fifth one is the link to the song’s artist that is used in the video.

On the left side of your screen, you will have a link to the TikToker’s profile along with a short description. There you will also see the title of the song that they have used.

Discover Tab of TikTok

From the navigation bar that is at the bottom of your screen, you can visit the discover section.

This tab allows you to search for people by their usernames, hashtags, videos, sounds. You will find many options and recommendations. Through this, you can easily find videos that are relevant to your interests. You will also see profiles of TikTokers that you may want to follow.

Why Don’t Some People Like TikTok?

TikTok is a great application made for fun and entertainment. However, some people see it as only a waste of time as the app’s purpose is not to teach something or promote any important messages. It is just for making videos for fun, and most of them do not even have original content.

It cannot be denied that many people are using TikTok to promote education and to give tips about lifestyle, education, fashion, etc. But there are still a large number of users who are using it only for fun and mental leisure. We already have so many things to worry about; we might not want another app distracting people from their actual responsibilities.

In Conclusion

Social networking applications like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. have made their mark and will keep growing, introducing new features, and capturing the attention of new users.

However, what the app is promoting must be a matter of concern for us. Though TikTok is an amazing app for those who have been looking for a platform to showcase their talent, it is also keeping people busy and occupied with stuff that won’t help them much in their daily lives. They are not learning anything valuable from it.

TikTok is becoming a perfect option for budding companies and entrepreneurs to advertise their businesses and for advertising companies to search for the right talent. But it still lacks that popularity level that other social networking applications have.

Companies like NBC and The Washington Post have started using TikTok to post previews of their upcoming content and to display the personalities of their reporters and staff with the help of videos that are shot behind the scenes.

The number of downloads of TikTok is increasing every day. With this rapid growth, it is certain that this app will likely become a fine platform for promoting and advertising brands and businesses.

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