How to Download K-pop Idol Live Videos from Vlive with Vidpaw

As the influence of K-pop (Korean Pop) culture keeps increasing around the globe, more people from western countries get to be more familiar with K-pop music, dramas, and artists. You must have heard about some Korean singers or bands such as PSY, BoA, Super Junior, EXO, BTS, BLACKPINK, NCT, GOT7, and so on. Now you can have quick access to connect with your favorite Korean artists through Vlive platform. Get to know more about Vlive, and we also provide a simple trick for you to free download Vlive videos with the reliable VidPaw Vlive Video Downloader.

What Is Vlive?

Vlive is a Korean live video streaming platform that enables fans from all over the world to get in touch with Korean artists and watch their live videos online. When an idol starts the live video on Vlive, fans can go to the studio and interact with he/she by leaving comments and clicking “LIKE”, which makes fans and artists get much closer even they are in different countries.

After the live streaming ended, Vlive would record the whole video and repost it on the platform so that users are able to get back to the video for playback later on. This function greatly helps those who miss the live streaming. Vlive is a great place for fans to know how Korean artists behave like when they are off stage in daily life.

Why Do People want to Download Vlive Videos?

However, a common phenomenon would exist – there may have a large number of users streaming videos on Vlive at the same time, so the performance of the Vlive player would be dragged down. Sometimes it requires a long time to buffer the videos. Since Vlive doesn’t provide the download service to solve the problem currently, so you can only try to switch to stronger network connection or watch the Vlive videos with lower resolution.

How Can VidPaw Vlive Video Downloader Help?

VidPaw Vlive Video Downloader is designed to help users solve the problems and limitations brought by Vlive. With VidPaw Vlive Video Downloader, users are able to save the moments of their favorite artists as a collection or have a better streaming experience offline.

VidPaw offers various output formats and qualities for saving the Vlive videos from its online platform with a simple URL. It allows downloading Vlive videos with up to 1080p in common MP4, 3GP, and WebM formats. So the quality of offline Vlive video streaming can be guaranteed.

Go through the procedure to download Vlive videos with VidPaw Vlive Video Downloader now.

STEP 1. Open Vlive online platform and reach the Vlive video you want to download. Click into the video page and copy its link from the address bar.

STEP 2. Navigate to VidPaw Vlive Video Downloader and paste the video link to the download bar. Then click on “Download” and VidPaw would initialize the link quickly.

STEP 3. When VidPaw generates the output selections to you, select the one you prefer from the box. Simply hit the “Download” button to save the Vlive video offline.

It’s just as easy as a piece of cake to get your favorite idol’s Vlive videos from the platform with high definition for offline playback or as your personal collection. VidPaw Vlive Video Downloader helps you grasp the latest videos of your idols with ease. Try it now if you get a video that wants to download offline.

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