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Top 10 Practices to Get Do-Follow Backlinks

When we talk about search engine optimization, some common like dofollow, no-follow and meta robots come into the discussion. All these terms are of great importance in SEO practices. In this article, we will particularly talk about dofollow backlinks and the ways to get more dofollow backlinks. Dofollow backlink allows Google and other search engines to follow them and reach your website.

Such links increase the ranking of the website in search engines. The high-quality dofollow backlinks are not easy to get. However, the following practices can make your link building experience a bit easier. Read on to know top 10 practices to get dofollow backlinks.

Guest Blogging

Many people think that guest blogging is not worth doing but they are on a mistake. Guest blogging is still one of the greatest ways to get dofollow backlinks. However, some points must be kept in mind while choosing a website for guest blogging.

That must be a high-quality site relevant to your niche. Produce a high-quality and relevant post for the site that has not published before. It is a better idea that you email the outline, key points and headline of your blog post to the website or blog owner. Also, make sure that you promote the post after publication.

Use Business Mentions

You can turn your business mentions into links. Search your business on Google with different variations, name, and relevant terms. It will help you find out the right mentions. Make a list of the links where your business is mentioned. Ask the source if they would mind turning your business mention into a link. A simple asking can help you get links.


Outreach is just like guest blogging. If you have produced a valuable post, drop a few emails to your contacts to have a glance at it. If they find value in your content they may share it with others which may result in a few backlinks.

Get in Touch With Influencer

You must know who the influential in your target market is. Ask for the opinion and insights of the influencer on something can get your name on their radar. Read them via an email and make them read some of your best posts. They may also give links to your valued posts.

Be an Influencer

Building a healthy professional relationship with an influencer is a great way to get backlinks. However, building yourself as an influencer in your niche is even more important. Give interviews to other people. It also involves interviewing others and sharing their valuable content.

Ask for Attribution

The great contents have always been re-used by readers and other websites. It is a great way to increase your readership. However, some people do not pay justice by using another person’s content or media without attribution. If you find some of your stuff being used by some other website, you can send an email to the site owner asking for giving attribution to the reused stuff to the original source.

Find Broken Links

You read a lot of relevant content to your niche. While reading one post you find a link and go to another post following that link. Sometimes, you click on a link but it takes you to 404 error or 405 error page. These are broken links. You drop a message to the site owner about that broken link. You can use this broken link for your website. If you have found a broken link somewhere, look for something on your site or blog that may fit in. Suggest the site owner that you can provide him a link that can be replaced with the earlier broken link.

High-Value Comments

Making high-value comments on popular websites is a great way to increase your visibility. Such responses do not only help you get backlinks but also help others understand an important point in the published article.

Use High-Quality Directories

Directory pages come with different websites or people on these websites. It contains a brief description of them helping others to find a site or service they are looking for. List your website on high-quality directories relevant to your niche.

Use Resource Pages

Resource pages may be in form of suggesting tools, people to follow or blogs to read. Recommending yourself for a resource page of your niche is highly important.

Follow the above-mentioned practices and you will get do-follow backlinks without any inconvenience.  

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